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If you think you already have experienced everything that Puerto Vallarta offers, you are sure to be be wrong. There are hidden activities in Puerto Vallarta waiting to be discovered that will provide fun as well as adventure. You might have swam in Puerto Vallarta’s clear waters or have eaten authentic Mexican cuisine in its numerous restaurants, but there are always new, not to be missed activities in Puerto Vallarta waiting for you to discover them.

Quad Bike Tours

Adventurous spirits will find satisfaction in Puerto Vallarta with all its adrenaline pumping activities. Not all people crave the extraordinary thrill that quad bike tours in Puerto Vallarta offer but if you want to explore the city in ways you have never seen it before, then try out an ATV tour. This reliable motorized machine can run through any road conditions and, despite the bumpy ride, it will be all worth it. Go visit some old towns where local people will welcome you and treat you like a king in his carriage. Have a mountain jungle adventure in total grandeur and comfort atop this beastly vehicle. Riding on an ATV will take you on a tour of Puerto Vallarta’s attractions in zooming fashion.

Nature Tripping

If you want total peace and tranquility, try communing with nature by taking some guided tours in the areas that surround Puerto Vallarta. These kinds of activities in Puerto Vallarta ease the mind while keeping you entertained along the way. When winter comes, watching humpback whales in the middle of the ocean battling the waves as they mate and birth their young is a wonderful sight to see. You will feel like you are on the set of the famous “Free Willy” movie. A visit to the Vallarta Botanical Gardens is another of the most popular nature activities in Puerto Vallarta.

Dive Deep in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta’s resorts, tour companies and private guides are well equipped with the facilities needed for you to engage in scuba diving. There are many Puerto Vallarta experts to skillfully show and guide you on your conquest of the deep blue sea. Many swear that the kingdom down there has indescribable beauty and now’s your opportunity to attest to it.

Drink and Dance like you Never Did Before

The Marigalante Pirate Ship should be your first stop for a wild night out in Puerto Vallarta. Easily one of the most popular family activities in Puerto Vallarta, join the pirates of the bay on the Marigalante pirate ship and watch some amusing performances as the ship stalks the shoreline with its nightly entertainment gigs. The show stops early enough to get the kids to bed and is the perfect time to for childless revelers to head out to Puerto Vallarta’s many bars and nightclubs where you can display your dancing prowess. In Puerto Vallarta you can experience a night of drinking, dancing and partying in stratospheric proportions.

Lazy Kind of Fun

There are also very relaxing ways to have fun in Puerto Vallarta; not all the activities in Puerto Vallarta need to have your heart racing and blood pumping. One example is simply sitting on the beach and looking at all the beauty that surrounds you or walking the Malecon with a scoop of ice cream to combat the sun’s rays while feasting your eyes on the sculptures, lush greenery, sunsets and people who adorn the beachfront. Alternatively, find a laid back bar somewhere away from the maddening crowd and enjoy a shot of tequila.

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