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Have you heard that Puerto Vallarta, Mexico has numerous amazing restaurants that are just as good as some of the best restaurants found worldwide? That’s a fact! You can find everything from traditional and authentic Mexican dishes to international gourmet food in Puerto Vallarta. Will you be vacationing in Puerto Vallarta soon? If you need a great place to stay, contact My Vacation to Mexico at 1-800-607-7499 a reputable online agency that works with the top resorts in Mexico such as Villa Group Resorts. If you decide to visit Puerto Vallarta, then make sure you eat at some of the top Puerto Vallarta restaurants listed below. Let us know which ones you enjoyed the most and why.

Where to Eat in PV:

Trio Restaurant

To start with, Trio Restaurant can be found in the center of Puerto Vallarta. The restaurant is very beautiful as they have a water fountain in an interior garden surrounded by many tropical plants. In addition, they have an artwork by local artists displayed throughout the restaurant. A few of their popular dishes are the rack of lamb, seafood soup, and the calamari appetizer. You can reserve The Gallery if you want to have a private party at Trio. They have a designated place that is ideal for weddings, concerts, and large events, too.

Bravo’s Restaurant and Bar

Secondly, many people consider the best restaurant in Puerto Vallarta to be Bravo’s Restaurant and Bar, which can be found in Old Town Puerto Vallarta. They have many different menu choices available. Some of the top choices include the Bang, Bang Shrimp Appetizer, Mussels, Ribeye, Chorizo Mushroom Penne, Caesar salad, and Chicken Supreme. The Ravioli di Granchio is another popular choice too due to its creamy sauce. They also have excellent wine choices and you can actually order half a bottle of wine, too. Last but not least, they have some wonderful dessert options such as red velvet cake that has chocolate ganache icing and vanilla ice cream.

Oregano Restaurant and Bar

The Oregano Restaurant and Bar is a Caribbean-style restaurant that can be found in the Versalles area of Puerto Vallarta. Their dishes are flavorful, delicious, and made with passion and love. They can also provide a private dinner if you contact them ahead of time, too. Diners especially love the Tostones, which are made with a delicious aioli sauce over fried plantains. Another popular signature dish is the mussels that have been steamed in a delicious coconut curry sauce along with braised oxtail. In addition, they provide signature cocktails and drinks as well. If you have a sweet tooth, the flan is a popular dessert. The entire staff will make sure every diner has a fabulous experience during their meal.

Siam Thai Restaurant

Siam Thai Restaurant is the perfect restaurant if you are craving Asian dishes. The staff is very welcoming and friendly, and the restaurant is very neat and clean. A couple of popular dishes at Siam Thai are chicken satay, panang, and vegetarian yellow curry, coconut spiced mussels, summer rolls, cashew chicken, and Thai chicken noodle soup. The lychee martinis and spicy ginger margarita are top cocktail choices, too.

Poblanos Cocina Mexicana Restaurant

Poblanos Cocina Mexicana Restaurant can be found in Old Town Puerto Vallarta just a couple of blocks from the beach. Diners can dine outside on the sidewalk where they can enjoy great Banderas Bay views. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some of the popular food choices are quesadillas, chile rellenos, enchiladas, and tacos. If you go for breakfast, try the chilaquiles or French toast. If you want a caffeine kick, they have delicious lattes that come with whipped cream on top. The mango Serrano margarita is a wonderful cocktail if you enjoy tequila.

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