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Are you planning a vacation in Cabo San Lucas, and you want it to be romantic? If you are, then Cabo San Lucas is the romance capital of the world. The beauty is alive. You can make your vacation in Cabo San Lucas romantic with these helpful hints.

  1. Fill your heart with the music on vacation in Cabo San Lucas.
  2. The music that you will hear in Cabo San Lucas will soothe your heart.
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For a large number of tourists a visit to Cancun, on the Caribbean coast of Mexico, entails days spent on sun-drenched, white sandy beaches with a drink in hand and nothing to worry about. For others it means snorkelling within the great Mesoamerican reef, or huge parties and extravagant restaurants before visiting the the various night clubs. For the more adventurous, however, there are archaeological ruins to explore, and the chance to discover something that is rarely found elsewhere: Cancun’s cenotes.

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On Mexico’s western coast lies a gem of a beach destination, Riviera Nayarit, a relatively new tourist hotspot that promises visitors an unparalleled vacation experience. In this corner of paradise, for as far as one can see, sweeping vistas of shimmering ocean expanses mesmerize onlookers in an ombré of blue that blankets the horizon.

Known for its natural beauty, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico is home to stunning landscapes of pristine coastline and palm covered mountains that create the backdrop for a myriad of seaside towns that stretch all the way from San Blas, a historic port in Nayarit, to where the Rio Ameca empties into Banderas Bay.

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The wedding’s over and the next stop is the highly anticipated honeymoon, or perhaps you want to surprise that special person in your life with a romantic vacation. You sure want it to be in a totally exotic place oozing with a lot of fire and passion. You’ll want to surprise your spouse or lover with a location that gets the love vibe flowing.

Take a look at our list of the top romantic vacation destinations you should consider:


Rome romantic destinations

Italy is a top choice for romantic.

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