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In Puerto Vallarta, you won’t find a better city to enjoy the best Mexican food.  However, you probably didn’t think that you would also find delicious pizza in Mexico, but you can. Pizza is one of the most purchased foods worldwide. The oozing cheese, delicious toppings, crispy crust, and numerous toppings always hit the spot. You may even be craving a slice a pizza right now!Read the rest

Are you vacationing or live in Cabo San Lucas part of the year or full time, and want to try new water sport that is fun and thrilling? If so, why not look into surf kayaking in Cabo. Surf kayaking is a fun water sport that combines the technique and proper equipment to surf ocean waves in a kayak. Surf kayaking has many similarities to surfboard surfing, but instead use kayak boats that are specifically designed for use in surf zones along with a paddle to help steer.Read the rest

Listen up all visitors to Mexico and Cancun residents! Have you been searching for exciting activities to enjoy in the fall in Cancun? If you have, then you should check out the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival this fall in Cancun. Get ready to enjoy the sounds of jazz at the Riviera Jazz Festival, an annual event that has been held each year since 2003. This year from November 30th – December 2nd, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in Cancun will have the top jazz musicians from around the globe together on one stage.

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