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Tequila is the number one preferred liquor for many people worldwide. First created in the sixteenth century near Tequila, Jalisco, the origins of tequila date as long ago as pre-Columbian times. During the pre-Columbian age, a fermented beverage called pulque was produced from the agave plant in central Mexico. Are you ready to get away for a vacation to Mexico? If so, check out “My Vacation to Mexico”, an online travel agency that specializes in affordable packages to travel to Mexico.Read the rest

One of the best features of a visit to Puerto Vallarta is the chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the region. Puerto Vallarta offers convenient access to enjoy great restaurants and bars, along with the opportunity to be in nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Are you planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta and want to make the most of Mother Nature’s blessings? If so, get ready to head outside and get your heart pumping with a challenging and rewarding hike down the southern coast of Banderas Bay.Read the rest

Cancun receives thousands of vacationers each year that love spending most of their time on the white sandy beaches and swimming in the crystal clear Caribbean waters. However, did you know that there is so much more to do in Cancun besides just hitting the beach? If you like getting outside and enjoying outdoor activities in Cancun, how about trying something new where you can work up a sweat and have an adventure at the same time?Read the rest

Renting a car on vacation to Mexico is one of the easiest things that you can do to get around, even if speaking Spanish is not something you are capable of. Renting a car on vacation in Mexico will provide you with more comfort and freedom, and even though taxis are affordable and public transportation is available, renting a car is a nice way to see the country.

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