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Situated on the scenic Pacific Coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is known for its world class dining and cuisine. In fact there are not one but two culinary festivals in Puerto Vallarta each year which run alongside the various wine festivals and smaller gourmet events in the town. Deciding where to eat in Puerto Vallarta, though, is difficult because there’s so much choice!

Puerto Vallarta - Seahorse sculpture

Blanca Blue Restaurant

This is a must for anyone who wants romance with their dining experience; if you ask anyone where to eat in Puerto Vallarta, Blanca Blue will most likely be mentioned.

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The Malecón is one of Puerto Vallarta’s most beloved features. The famed ocean view boardwalk is a mile long and forms a sea wall that protects the shops, bars and restaurants from the Pacific Ocean on Banderas Bay. The Malecón is the central point of Puerto Vallarta’s down-town area and it provides a pleasant promenade for tourists and locals alike; a sea view without the sand in your shoes, so to speak.

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Lapping up the luxury and sunshine in Cabo San Lucas is by far the main attraction in Cabo; however, for those days when relaxing by the pool or on the beach leaves you with energy to climb a mountain, check out 7 activities in Cabo San Lucas that will leave you with memories you won’t forget, even if you tried.

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Cancun is the Mecca for adventure lovers, great cuisine and historical wonders in Mexico. You will be inundated with opportunities to explore the many wonderful attractions in Cancun. Take a look at Cancun’s top 10 activities below:

1. Jolly Roger Pirate Ship

The Jolly Roger pirate ship - Cancun’s Top 10 Activities

A blast for all the family. Telling a tale of betrayal and sword fighting, the Jolly Roger pirate ship will take you out at night, feed you and make you laugh until your jaws ache!

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Loreto and the Islands of Loreto attract visitors from all over the world, especially the USA and Canada. It’s a stunning, sunny beach location in Baja California that has everything to offer to the nature-loving thrill seeker on vacation. With that in mind, here’s a list of the top 10 things to do in Loreto on vacation.

1- Bahia de Concepción (Conception Bay).

The beaches to the north of Loreto are worth a day trip.

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