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There are big changes planned for the Puerto Vallarta International Airport. Located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in Banderas Bay, the PV Airport receives millions of visitors each year. Travelers flock to the area to enjoy its beautiful beaches, the natural beauty of the Sierra Madre mountains, and tons of amazing restaurants and bars. With a warm and sunny climate, there are endless activities to enjoy in the area as well. Due to this, the area is also a great place to invest in timeshare ownership. Right now, the Puerto Vallarta airport is beginning plans to convert itself into a green air terminal. Keep reading more to learn how PV Airport is doing its part to help the environment. It’s a great place to visit and invest in a timeshare, too.

Focus on Sustainability

In 2021, many industries are becoming more focused on creating an environmentally friendly business. Likewise, airports are beginning to work on ways to increase sustainability. For example, more and more facilities are being built and or renovated to include features that are user-friendly and good for the environment, too. Right now, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport is making plans to become a green air terminal. The Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacífico (GAP) has just announced its expansion plan that features the development of a NET Zero smart building. This important project is part of its 2020-24 Master Development Program.

Puerto Vallarta Airport

During the last part of 2020, the airport’s main parking lot began remodeling in order to implement a modern solar panel system. This eco-friendly investment is estimated at a cost of 14 million pesos. Right now, the Puerto Vallarta Airport has space for 20 planes. There are 11 direct boarding corridors and 14 passenger buses. There are 2 large waiting rooms for domestic and international passengers. The terminal building measures 475,517 square feet in size and the runway is 10,187 feet long by 148 feet wide. There is also a Baggage Handling System and 10 emergency plants distributed by zones throughout the airport. The important changes to update features throughout the airport to be more sustainable will help the environment in many ways.

Puerto Vallarta Flights

Despite the challenges of 2020 and the ongoing COVID pandemic, Puerto Vallarta expects to see an increase in tourism in the coming years. Last year in 2020, the Puerto Vallarta International Airport was rated as the top airport receiving the highest number of passenger traffic in Mexico. The reported flights arriving and departing to 29 destinations, including eight domestic and 21 international. Plus, 22 airlines operated in Puerto Vallarta including seven domestic airlines and 15 international airlines. Together, they performed over 38,867 flights in 2020.

Timeshare Ownership in Mexico

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