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During a time span of 7 years from 1980-1987 the Marigalante pirate ship was crafted. The pirate ship was built in Alvarado, Veracruz with the assistance of a nonprofit organization called “Mar, Hombre y Pas” Civil Association. The Marigalante pirate ship is currently the pride and joy of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The pirate ship became one of the top tour spots for tourists vacationing in Banderas Bay in 1987.

Become Pirates on the Bay

The Marigalante pirate ship has a lively crew that welcomes everyone aboard that is searching for excitement and adventure on the seas every day and night. On the day tour you can expect fun and excitement for everyone in the family as you will enjoy a treasure hunt and water sports including paddle boarding. On the night tour, you will watch an amazing pirate show where sword fighting and fireworks will occur. It may have crossed your mind about what the Marigalante pirate ship was doing before it made its home in Puerto Vallarta, and if you continue to read you will find out the history behind this magnificent pirate ship.

The History Behind the Pirate Ship in Puerto Vallarta

At first, the Marigalante pirate ship was constructed to commemorate historical voyages, and one of the goals for the pirate ship was celebrating the 500th Anniversary of when America was discovered, which would be in 1992. When the ship was completed in 1987 it started sailing from Veracruz in the month of September where it headed to Santona in Cantabria, Spain. Once the pirate ship was there it headed to Seville, then off to Guadalquivir where 10,000 “Maravedis” or coins were to be rewarded to Rodrigo de Triana who was the actual person that spotted land in the new world when he was sailing with Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus took the credit for this amazing discover, which is why the Marigalante quest was to ensure that Rodrigo de Triana received his due honor and glory back. A collection of coins from 33 countries and centuries were placed into a chest along with 30 tropical wood species, which was also the same 30 tropical wood species that was used to construct the Marigalante. Currently, the chest can be seen on display at the chapel “La Antiqua” which is located in the Cathedral of Seville in Spain.

Asia and South America Travels

The Marigalante pirate ship started sailing to Japan using the Nao route that leaves Mexico and this route was to celebrate 100 years of trading with Mexico. The pirate ship then headed to Ecuador in 1992, on the Cocoa route. Afterwards, the pirate ship then sailed to Spain where the pirate ship was part of the 500th Anniversary celebration where Christopher Columbus set off to sail the New World.
There were over eighty-seven ports and islands that the Marigalante visited, which covered 52,000 nautical miles or 96,304 kilometers, and this totals 2 1/3rd trips worldwide. It took thirty years of sailing worldwide for the pirate ship, and it has earned amazing recognition in numerous museums that include Spain, Ballina, and two in Santander. On the Marigalante pirate ship in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is a floating museum where you can learn all about this ship. Two award-winning documentaries have featured the Marigalante pirate ship along with two books as well!

This is the history behind the pirate ship in Puerto Vallarta that is called the Marigalante pirate ship. Check it out on your next trip to beautiful Puerto Vallarta so you can see history up close and personal!

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