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If you enjoy the idea of a carefree and bohemian lifestyle, but still enjoy the finer things in life then Puerto Vallarta’s Marina Vallarta is the perfect place for you to visit on your next vacation! This sophisticated area of Puerto Vallarta maintains a relaxed and casual vibe while still offering upscale services and shopping opportunities; fine-dining restaurants, luxury boutiques, high-end shopping malls, and stunningly beautiful real estate can all be found here. Why not stroll along the docks and take in the sights, sit and watch the yachts and fishing boats come and go while you have a snack and a drink? Marina Vallarta truly has it all, you see, and it’s easy to understand why so many people flock here year upon year (some to stay!).

Dining in Puerto Vallarta’s Marina

Whether its fine-dining, gourmet establishments, or casual eateries, the Marina of Puerto Vallarta is home to a splendid mix of different restaurants that cater to all tastes, and cover many kinds of cuisine. If you enjoy the sea and its sights you can dine along the docks, or even in a lighthouse, while you watch the boats coming and going. This is the particularly invigorating first thing in the morning when the sun is glinting on the waves as it rises.

Shopping in Marina Vallarta

Whatever kind of shopper you are there’s sure to be a boutique or store for you in Marina Vallarta. Whether you want jewelry, gourmet foodstuffs, kitchen appliances, or the finest fashions and home décor item you will not be short of choice here. The Thursday night farmer’s market is also a fabulous time to visit the Marina.


There are a few truly stellar Spas in Marina Vallarta which will delight you with the very most indulgent treatments you could ever think of. From the latest facials and massages to mani-pedies and exfoliation you will be transported to a state of bliss and relaxation. Go ahead and treat yourself!


Being out on the water can be such a relaxing and invigorating joy, but you’ll know that already, of course, if you’re keen on sailing. Whether you’re lucky enough to own your own yacht or sailboat or fishing boat, or you’d rather leave the maintenance to others and simply charter one, there’s no better place for a boating enthusiast than Marina Vallarta. The weather is consistently sublime, the waters are pristine, and there’s plenty to do and see. You’ll be ready for adventure at a moments notice.

Spectacular Real Estate in Puerto Vallarta

The real estate in this part of Mexico is utterly stunning and very varied; whether you fancy a palatial waterfront estate, or you want a compact condo with great views you’ll have little trouble finding a home that suits your personality and budget in Marina Vallarta. Better yet, any property you buy here will have great rental potential.

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