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Did you know that Puerto Vallarta has some of the most diverse flora and fauna in Mexico? Many biologists believe that the complex biodiversity can be attributed to the lush vegetation of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains, resulting in an abundance of wildlife and plant life in Puerto Vallarta. The biodiverse environment in Puerto Vallarta helps make the region a natural and beautiful place for visitors to come to visit. Continue to read below to learn all about the flora and fauna in Puerto Vallarta.

All About the Flora and Fauna in Puerto Vallarta

The flora and fauna in Puerto Vallarta depend heavily on the tropical climate, especially in the summer months when heavy rainfall provides much-needed precipitation. The rain along with lots of sunshine, sea waters, and humidity creates a haven for animal, plant and marine life. The Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains are unique as they reach all the way down to the Banderas Bay’s water edge that essentially forms a canopy for inhabitants of the jungle. The beach and coastal villages that are located south of Puerto Vallarta can only be reached by boat, so mother nature rules in this part of Banderas Bay. In fact, there are over 40 kilometers of beaches, coasts, rivers, and mountains in the Puerto Vallarta area.

Vallarta Botanical Gardens near Puerto Vallarta

The Vallarta Botanical Gardens 30 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta should be visited when you are vacationing in Puerto Vallarta. There are more than 3,000 species of plants on display at the Vallarta Botanical Gardens. Seeing the 100 different orchid species is just one top reason to visit this natural oasis. There is a fresh river down the hill below the visitor center that is perfect for a swim on a hot day. You can bring along and enjoy a picnic there, or you can go to the Mexican restaurant located upstairs where you can dine while seeing amazing views. Puerto Vallarta is home to many different tropical fruits such as mangoes, yaka, coconuts, avocados, guamuchiles, and guavas. Make sure you sample them when you are there.


The wildlife in Puerto Vallarta includes a variety of bird species such as the yellow chest, copete magpie, Mexican cacique, and the blue-fronted Alcatraz. Local fish species include snapper, blue and black marlin, croaker, tuna, and sailfish. Are you into scuba diving? If so, scuba diving is a great way to allow you to see the variety of fish species up close. Native animals in the area and surrounding jungle include jaguars, jaguarundis, white-nose coati, and nine-band armadillos. Last, but not least, local reptiles include the crocodile, mottled and enchaquetado lizard, and the green and spiny-tailed iguana.

Marine Life

Want to know what kind of life exists out in Banderas Bay? Marine life in Puerto Vallarta includes the bottlenose, spotted, and spinner dolphins, and they are regularly spotted playing and jumping in Banderas Bay. Sea turtles that are found in Banderas Bay include the green turtle, olive ridley, leatherback, and the hawksbill turtle. Every year the hawksbill turtle comes to lay their eggs before going back to the sea.

Vacationers can get involved by releasing the baby sea turtles during the hatching season. Humpback whales are also popular in the Banderas Bay, and during the winter months, the mother whales give birth, then nurture their babies in the warm waters of the Banderas Bay before heading back north.

In Conclusion: Puerto Vallarta is home to the incredibly rich and diverse flora and fauna. Are you ready to come to Mexico for your vacation? If so, we hope you will get out and about to view and enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna in Puerto Vallarta.

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