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More than likely, vacations in Cancun meant daytime hours are full of time spent laying on the soft, white sandy beaches relaxing with the sun beaming down on you. You may have a delicious fruity drink that you are sipping on, and you are thinking to yourself that it couldn’t get much better than this. When the sun gets too warm, you can jump into the Caribbean Sea waters to cool down. The waters are crystal clear and you can see the bottom with no problem. Would you also like to know what things you can do during the night in Cancun once you have had a day on the beach? Continue to read below to learn about the top activities that are fun in Cancun at night.

Enjoy Authentic Mexican Cuisine

In Cancun after dark, one of the best things to do is to enjoy eating authentic Mexican cuisine. Authentic Mexican cuisine is one of the best tasting foods worldwide. You can spend an evening relishing delicious traditional Mexican dishes and the colors and amazing flavors of each dish will not disappoint you. In Cancun, a couple of wonderful places to enjoy authentic Mexican dishes include the La Parrilla, which will have you eating delicious dishes while listening to live Mariachi music. If you are wanting to go to a place that is casual and affordable, then you should go to Taco y Tequila Cancun. The food is amazing and there are plenty of bars close by within walking distance so you can continue to party all night long if you so choose.

Xochimilco Evening Boat Tour

Would you like to go on an evening boat tour? If you would, then Xochimilco is the evening boat tour for you, and a great activity for something to do after dark in Cancun. The Xochimilco boats are decorated in vibrant colors and you can choose to aboard the New Orleans boats or the traditional Mexican boats. You will have an amazing time in Cancun after dark on a Xochimilco boat tour. You can have a romantic evening or a fun-packed evening with your friends. You will be cruising on the Nichupte Lagoon while you drink and eat great foods. The sea breezes and the breathtaking views will make your night wonderful.

Jolly Roger Pirate Ship Tour

You don’t want to miss the exciting adventure that awaits on the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship tour. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship tour happens to be the most popular and sought out tours in all of Cancun. You and your family will be welcomed aboard the Jolly Roger Pirate Ship with pirates dressed in their costumes. You will enjoy energetic live music, impressive acrobatics, and live cannon fire along with an actual pirate battle. You and your family will enjoy a delicious dinner, and there is an open bar where you can enjoy all the tasty drinks that your personal pirate waiter will bring you. There will be a nice cool evening breeze from the waters, so you may want to bring a hoodie or sweater along with you, and make sure you wear flat comfortable shoes because you will be walking around the 17th-century replica pirate ship complete with narrow pathways and steep staircases. You will be thankful that you didn’t wear high heels after you have enjoyed a couple of cocktails. The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship tour will end with a beautiful firework show that will light up the evening sky. When the pirate ship tour is completed, you will have plenty of time with your night to keep the party going at some of the bars nearby.

Cancun Nightlife with a Bar Hop

Once the evening has arrived, you can start having a fantastic night on the town in Cancun. You can go to several of the top bars and have your own personal bar hop experience with friends or family. There is something exciting about strolling through the bar zone in Cancun while sipping on a cocktail. There are numerous options that include hip bars, cozy lounges, and disco clubs. If you like to dance salsa, then you will want to go to the well-known Mambo Café where you can not only dance salsa, but you can enjoy cumbia, merengue, and bachata. The live music and entertainment will have you in the mood to start dancing. To avoid standing in long lines, you can make reservations at some of the hottest clubs here. Mandala is an upscale bar that is absolutely beautiful, and the Cocobongo is another popular nightclub that tourists go to. Coco Bongo has an open bar at an affordable price and they also put on an artistic show for guests. The La Vaquita, The City, and the Cuncrawl are a few other night clubs that you will want to stop at on your bar hop tour.

Jungle Adventure After Dark

All adrenaline-seekers who are wanting a night adventure can head to the Jungle Adventure at Xplor Cancun Park after dark. This is a nighttime adventure in the Mayan jungle. Are you brave and willing to venture out in the thick vegetation and the only light you see is the stars and the moon? What creatures are lurking? You can dive through the caves, swim under the stars, and go to the underground river paddle boating. The Jungle Adventure after dark is an amazing experience that you and your family will never forget, especially when enjoyed in the evening hours.

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