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There’s a variety of reasons why visiting the bustling town of Playa del Carmen is a great idea while on vacation in Mexico. While it can be just a side trip when you happen to be in Cancun, there’s actually more than just treating the place as a mere extension of whiling your time away. The picturesque beach front scenery, the clear waters and the flour-like sand are just teasers of the incredible things you can see in this Mexican hotspot.

Playa del Carmen

Getting to Playa del Carmen is hassle and stress free because of its easy access from busy Cancun by bus, taxi or driving yourself in a rental car. A day is enough to explore this town although you might wish to spend a week to fully enjoy relaxing on its shores and experiencing its variety of restaurants and attractions. Scheduling your activities is not complicated as everything is within walking distance.

Options for getting there

Getting to Playa del Carmen from Cancun is easy. You really can’t go wrong. Once you are heading in the right direction leaving Cancun, it is all straight. Renting a car is your best bet in moving around although the bus is quick and easy too. Taxis can be expensive but are hasslefree. Better yet, organized tours are offered by private companies with well-equipped buses.

The Activities in Playa del Carmen

The main tourist hub in the area is 5th Avenue, which is one long stretch of pedestrianized road packed with stores, bars, galleries and restaurants. This is where most places of interest are located in Playa del Carmen and it is parallel to the beach.If you want to experience a formal dinner, there are many fine dining restaurants to try as well as more casual restaurants. Party goers and thrill seekers will find the nightlife in Playa del Carmen one for the books. With its great concentration of bars and nightclubs, it’s a night of wild entertainment and pleasure.

The Beach in Playa del Carmen

Water sports enthusiasts will enjoy the beach in Playa del Carmen. You can go for a quick dive, a snorkel on its underwater resources or ride in blinding speed aboard a fast jet ski. The beach area is also packed with beach vendors selling different items like personal accessories, sun hats, beach attires, wares, home decors and even valued jewelries.

Take a Trip to Cozumel

Another worthy destination to visit is the stunning Cozumel Island. All it takes is one short ferry trip, with the port area found along the 5th Avenue. It promises a tropical stay, and just like most Mexican destinations, a life of sea, sun and sand can be surely had.

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