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Mexico’s charm and appeal are clearly evident judging by the millions of tourists who flock here every year enjoying the tropical atmosphere at its top beach destinations. Beach tourist destinations such as Cancun, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta have long since played host to eager sun worshipers from all corners of the globe. Nevertheless, not so far away from these popular beach destinations you will find magical towns known as Pueblos Magicos which are really worth a visit. Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos such as San Sebastian near Puerto Vallarta, offer an alternative way of vacationing. These quaint villages are manifestations of the rich Mexican culture, history and ancient ways. They are recognized by the Mexican Secretary of Tourism as a new way of rediscovering Mexico and its treasures.

Pueblos Mágicos in Mexico and San Sebastian near Puerto Vallarta

To promote the diversity and cultural heritage of Mexico, the Pueblos Magicos program was created in 2001 and served as a program to advertise the country as a home of interesting culture-rich destinations that personify much of its history and heritage. The program puts otherwise forgotten towns such as San Sebastian near Puerto Vallarta into the limelight, and focuses on its striking natural beauty and charm to entice tourists. San Sebastian is just a hour and a half ride from Puerto Vallarta and offers a unique Mexican experience that will make any visitor fall in love by its charm and simple ways.

Diverse and exciting activities await anyone who wishes to stay for a day or longer in San Sebastian del Oeste near Puerto Vallarta. Its panoramic setting with the thick Sierra Madre Mountains that serve as its backdrop, offers cool highland breezes that are relief from the hot Puerto Vallarta sun. Its moss covered buildings and impressive architecture will surely be noticed by any wandering tourist. A tree laden plaza exudes tranquillity and peace that brings a soothing and calming sensation.

For those who love to hike to the top of the world, you can go to Cerro de la Bufa to view a very romantic sunset. Quinta Mary on the other hand offers 100% organic coffee and the opportunity of witnessing how it’s made. To while your time away, simply get lost in an ambience of mysterious charm and ancient history where the old and the modern harmoniously greet and meet. Bringing back the glory of the olden days is what San Sebastian is all about with just over 600 residents.

Why not take a day trip to San Sebastian while on vacation in Puerto Vallarta? It is an experience you won’t regret.

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