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If there’s a place in Mexico where you can get a feel of everything that this country offers, it’s none other than the great Puerto Vallarta. A lot can be seen and enjoyed, including the clear waters of its scenic beaches, the lushness of if its wild tropical forests, the sumptuous food of its excellent restaurants and the lively nightlife of of the city when the sun has set. Every person is catered for by its variety of flavors, colors and activities that are sure to blow you away. The Mexican culture is evident as soon as you steps out of your hotel room. Below is the list of the top destinations within Puerto Vallarta that promise one unforgettable vacation experience.

Where to visit in Puerto Vallarta

The Romantic Zone of Olas Altas

If you are looking for where to visit in Puerto Vallarta, one of your first choices should be Olas Altas. Located in the downtown area, south of the center, Olas Altas is known for its unique, romantic ambience. It is a sweet spot for loving souls with its panoramic setting by the beach of Los Muertos. Cobbled streets make it a tranquil place suitable for lovers and couples.

Moreover, Olas Altas is teeming with bars, boutique shops and excellent restaurants ready to serve your favorite meal. If you feel hot exploring the outskirts of the city, you can cool down by having an ice cream at Xcocodivas or find a seat and read your favorite book at the popular sun café. When nighttime comes, you can indulge in a drink in some of its lively bars or have a hearty dinner treat in Joe Jack’s Fishshack, famous for its offering of fresh seafoods, while having the luxury of dining in its terrace. The Andale’s Bar is a place for a party atmosphere.

Malecon Promenade

Stretching from hotel Rosita all the way to the beginning of Los Muertos beach, the famed Malecon is the top place to visit in Puerto Vallarta. A great place for a walk or a nightly stroll without any motorized vehicles, Puerto Vallarta’s malecon is ideal for families and children. Its attractions include many specialty stores for a shopping spree, restaurants serving authentic cuisines, bars and places to sit surrounded by tropical plants and palm trees.

The beachfront area sees many artists that will showcase their talents drawing, painting, sculpting sand art or balancing rocks. Sellers abound, plying their wares that can be good souvenirs or gift items for your loved ones back home. Puerto Vallarta’s malecon is also your first stop for a partying after dark. Nightclubs like the Zoo, La Vaquita and Mandela give the party atmosphere that can turn a listless night into to a vibrant and rocking hell of a place. It’s free, but food and drinks can get too expensive. Anyway, this adds up to the interest and magic that the Malecon has, with the notion that thrill and excitement never comes cheap.

Breathtaking ATV Tours

A creative way to move around and explore the beauty of Puerto Vallarta is by going for an adventure riding on an ATV. Tours are available from morning to afternoon, where you can go up high in the mountains and get close to stunning waterfalls, get to have a wine tasting activity or enjoy going down on zip lines. Different rugged terrains are easily conquered; it can be off road, dirt tracks or even challenging waters. Rocky roads or dust filled paths are no match to a versatile ATV. Safety will never be compromised as they are well maintained monster vehicles that suit every member of the family including small children. Have that tour and start by making an inquiry with your hotel. They’ll be happy to serve you in looking for an ATV tour that satisfies your taste and preference.

The Local Markets every Saturday

The Saturday weekend cannot be completed if one doesn’t visit Puerto Vallarta’s famed local market. A place to have a taste of the local homegrown produce like fruits, vegetables, cheeses and pastas. A wide variety of items can be bought and it’s a good idea to bring them back home; accessories, jewelries, pottery, clothing and a lot more are worthy personal items and souvenirs. The local market is where you can meet and make new friends with locals and expats doing their market activities. It can be easily reached downtown, and with its food stalls serving Thai foods and tacos, it will satisfy your taste buds by having a quick snack. The months of November to May can be very crowded with eager visitors making their way and doing their buying needs. With everything that is homegrown, it’s a place to be when you want a piece of Mexican culture, tradition and gastronomy.

If you have a favorite place to visit in Puerto Vallarta, share your recommendations by leaving a comment.

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