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Are you looking for information on hurricane season in Mexico? Hurricane season in Mexico typically starts at the beginning of June and lasts through the end of November. On average, the highest potential for dangerous storms in Mexico occurs during the months of August through October. Depending on where you travel to in Mexico, some areas are more likely to be at risk of damage. Are you traveling to Puerto Vallarta? If so, you will be happy to know that in general the area is protected from these powerful storms thanks to the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range and Banderas Bay. This natural border of mountains and the Banderas Bay has offered crucial protection to Puerto Vallarta that has kept the area safe throughout the years. Keep reading below to learn more about hurricane season in Mexico, and tips for travelers visiting the country in the next few months.

Hurricane Season in Mexico

As stated above, hurricane season in Mexico occurs during the summer and fall months, starting in June and lasting through November. The greatest activity of hurricanes occurs during the months between August and October. Hurricanes and tropical storms tend to affect weather patterns on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific coast. On the Pacific Coast of Mexico, hurricanes are less common but are still a possibility as you can never fully predict the weather. In addition to coastal towns, inland destinations can be affected by hurricane season in Mexico as well when substantial rain after the storm passes through the area can cause flooding and mudslides. Flooding and mudslides can cause damage to structures and are potentially dangerous for human life as well. In general, inland areas are less affected than areas along the coastlines.

Should I Travel during Hurricane Season in Mexico?

Are you wondering if you should travel to Mexico during hurricane season? There are a couple of advantages to vacationing in Mexico in the summer months. To start with, summer means low season in the top tourist destinations in Mexico so you can expect fewer crowds which many people prefer. Also, hotel rates and airfares tend to be much lower during the summer months since tourism is down. If you take the time to research plane tickets and hotels online, you will likely find a great deal that will make your vacation in Mexico affordable and fun. While there are risks involved if you travel to Mexico during hurricane season, the probability that you will encounter a problem is still quite low. Read below for some tips and precautions you can take that will help reduce the risk of spoiling your vacation.

Hurricane Season in Mexico Tips:

  • We recommend you purchase travel insurance if you decide to travel to Mexico during hurricane season. That way, you will have the proper coverage in the rare case that you need to cancel your trip or end your trip early because of storm-related danger.
  • Before booking your hotel, you should ask if the resort has a hurricane policy or guarantee, and clarify what the terms are and how they will affect your vacation if a storm hits.
  • Register your trip with your country’s embassy. That way, they will be aware you are traveling to Mexico and can offer assistance if needed during a natural emergency.
  • Keep track of the weather prior to your trip. Check the National Hurricane Center Website for current tropical storm and hurricane conditions in the days leading up to your vacation to Mexico, and regularly check weather forecasts in the area you will be visiting.
  • Share your trip itinerary with friends and family back home before you leave for your vacation to Mexico. It also makes sense to scan and email copies of important documents such as passport, drivers license, flight tickets and hotel reservations to yourself so you can easily access them online if needed.

Low Season Deals & Less Crowds

Vacationing in Mexico during hurricane season is still a good idea for families wanting to take advantage of low season rates and less crowded destinations. Also, it is very rare for a hurricane to strike by surprise and thanks to technology there is plenty of advance warning so that everyone has time to prepare if a storm is approaching. Keep an eye on weather forecasts and hurricane warnings. In the unlikely event you do get caught in a hurricane while on vacation in Mexico, resort personnel is trained to follow safety protocol to keep you safe so make sure you heed all instruction and direction from the resort staff members. Last, but not least, you should carry your personal documents in a resealable waterproof bag to keep them dry and keep your cell phone charged and conserve power by only using it for essential calls and messages.

We hope you enjoyed this article on hurricane season in Mexico. By following our tips and advice, you are sure to have a great vacation in Mexico and stay safe at the same time.

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