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Summer in Mexico means sunny, warm days and balmy nights are expected…a less attractive feature of summer approaching is that hurricane season is on its way. These powerful storms start in the ocean, increase in strength and some make landfall, normally along the Pacific Coast. Also known as tropical cyclones, hurricanes are an unpredictable force in nature that become labeled as such once they reach sustained wind speeds of at least 74 miles per hour. Due to the potential damage to structures and risk to life, hurricanes are not to be taken lightly. In addition to the damage caused by the high winds, they also often include heavy rains that can cause flooding and other water related issues.

Some of the most notable hurricanes to hit Mexico in recent history include Hurricane Katia and Hurricane Patricia. Hurricane Patricia was described by meteorologists as the strongest storm on record, but luckily did not cause extensive damage to the Pacific coast as expected. There is no way to accurately predict how many hurricanes will occur each year, but they usually form in late summer and early fall. Specifically in Mexico, tropical storms and hurricanes are more common between the months of July and October which is the hottest part of the year. September and October are usually the most active months, and once temperatures start to cool down in November you will see less and less hurricanes form.

Hotels and most homes in Mexico are built to withstand strong winds, and it is important to follow all instruction from hotel personnel if you find yourself in vacation on Mexico during a hurricane. These workers have experience with hurricanes and are trained on how to prepare and respond effectively to guests needs keeping safety a top priority. Most resort and hotel employees get regular training on how to deal with hurricanes and other natural disasters. Although it is an inconvenience if you happen to find your vacation affected by a hurricane, the most important thing is to stay safe and follow any regulations the hotel has in place.
In conclusion, visiting Mexico during the summer months is a great chance to enjoy the beauty of Mexico without the large crowds usually seen during high season in winter months. However, be aware there is a chance that a hurricane could form during that time as the warm temperatures contribute to hurricanes formation in the Pacific Ocean. Stay alert and always follow hotel protocol to keep you and your loved ones safe so you can enjoy your vacation without the risk.

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