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You can enjoy San Jose del Cabo as it is a sophisticated and reserved equal to Cabo San Lucas the tourist destination that is nearby. San Jose del Cabo is a delightful place for those individuals that are wanting to enjoy a well-defined atmosphere along with a pace that is more reserved and relaxed. The coastline is stunning and there are many miles of it, but the real attraction occurs in the city. You can enjoy San Jose del Cabo. Continue to read below on how you can spend and enjoy your time in San Jose del Cabo.

Admire the Colonial Architecture

Visitors can admire the colonial architecture of the historic buildings that are located in the historic district. The town plaza is also located there and has beauty to enjoy as well. A few of the historic buildings with colonial architecture include the San Jose Missionary Church that was rebuilt in 1940, the Mision de San Jose del Cabo Anuiti that dates back to the early 18th century, and the San Jose del Cabo City Hall that dates back to the early 19th century.

Enjoy the Art Galleries

San Jose del Cabo is home for all art aficionados as there are a lot of upscale art galleries. The galleries try to display the art that the locals in the city have done, so visitors never know when they have themselves a Picasso. The famous Art Walk on Thursday nights is where everyone can experience the art galleries located downtown. Visitors will have the chance to talk with the gallery owners, art dealers, and even a few of the local artists.

Enjoy a Tour at the San Jose Wildlife Estuary

Just outside and east of San Jose del Cabo is the San Jose Wildlife Estuary, and this is where lovers of nature can enjoy the bird species such as ibis, herons, and hummingbirds. This is a natural reserve that is peaceful and quiet, and where you can go just to take in all the beauty that is provided here.

Mouthwatering Cuisine

All foodies know to pass the tourist places along with the busy Cabo San Lucas area and head to San Jose del Cabo as there are delicious and mouthwatering cuisine waiting for them. This area is home to the top chefs that have made this area a place for people who just enjoy great foods and those who have a palate that is refined. It won’t surprise you that there is fresh local seafood being featured on many of the menus at the restaurants in the city.

Enjoy Shopping

San Jose del Cabo is home to many different shopping venues and every vacationer knows that their trip wouldn’t be a success without doing some shopping. A popular draw in San Jose del Cabo is the artisan-made and Mexican handmade items that include jewelry, bags, blankets, ceramics, and more, but the Plaza Artesanos, which is near to the historic district is another favorite place to enjoy shopping. The Las Tiendas de Palmilia is an elegant mall that has many different shops that sell antiques, art, the best jewelry, art, and much more. You will not be disappointed shopping at this mall.

As you can see, you can enjoy San Jose del Cabo activities when you visit this city. Once you visit San Jose del Cabo it will become your number one vacation spot in Mexico.

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