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Will you be traveling to Puerto Vallarta soon, and are you a lover of coffee and tea and you want to know where you can find the best options? Great news, Puerto Vallarta is home to a lot of wonderful coffee houses and fantastic cafes. Below we have provided info about five great PV cafes so when you are visiting Puerto Vallarta you should check them out. 


Five Great PV Cafes:


Natureza Café – Restaurant

You can have an amazing experience at the Natureza Café if you head north out of downtown Puerto Vallarta towards the Versalles neighborhood. The Natureza Café is a charming restaurant that offers a full menu which includes specialty coffees, fresh juice, and tasty breakfast and lunch entrées. If you want to dine outdoors, they provide outdoor seating, or if you want to cool off from the Puerto Vallarta heat, then you can dine indoors in the cool air conditioning. The Natureza Café also has a Co-Work space so visitors or locals can do their work while they are on vacation. The Co-Work is only several blocks off of the main street at a second location. 


Dee’s Coffee Company – Coffee House 

If you would like to enjoy a great cup of coffee with a pleasant view, then Dee’s Coffee Company is the place for you. Dee’s Coffee Company can be found just a half a block from the pier and Malecon in Puerto Vallarta. They also make pastries, muffins, and scones, which are delicious. One of the most popular homemade choices is their cranberry almond scone, which goes perfect with hot tea or coffee. If you need to read your emails or just watch the news, you can do that at Dee’s as they provide free Wi-Fi for their customers. 


Café Oro Verde – Coffee House

Café Oro Verde is a hidden gem and family run business located in the 5 de Diciembre neighborhood. This coffee house grinds their own coffee. Many coffee connoisseurs believe that Café Oro Verde has the best coffee in all of Puerto Vallarta because they roast their coffee beans four times each day, and the owner of the coffee house is a master of all things coffee. There isn’t anything better than starting your day with a delicious cup of coffee at the Café Oro Verde, and you can even purchase a bag of the coffee beans to take back home with you. 


A Page in the Sun – Coffee House 

A long time favorite of locals and tourists alike in Puerto Vallarta is A Page in the Sun. They have been providing great coffee and delicious pastries for many years. You can find A Page in the Sun near Lazaro Cardenas Park right in Old Town. This coffee house is ideal to enjoy your morning coffee and watch the people walking by. You will want to make sure you try some of their cakes and pies as everything is homemade and delicious. A Page in the Sun has numerous books in English and Spanish, and they encourage visitors to bring in an old book and donate it. When you do so, they will give you credit for you to use the next time you come back. 


Mi Café – Restaurant 

Mi Café is inland several blocks from the Malecon Boardwalk and it is also near the Rio Cuale River. Mi Café offers breakfast and lunch, and there is something on the menu that everyone will love. There are only about 12 tables in this small restaurant, which makes it a cozy and comfortable spot for eating breakfast with a friend. Mi Café offers authentic Mexican breakfast and American breakfasts such as French toast and smoked salmon bagels. All of the menu items are very affordable and the serving sizes are quite large. Visitors can get work done on their laptop while drinking a cup of coffee, or just relax and enjoy a delicious breakfast. 


Above are five great PV Cafés. Which one of these Puerto Vallarta cafes is your favorite? 

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