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Depending upon the amount of research and legwork you do airfares to Mexico can either be “cheap as chips” or frighteningly expensive. We want to help you get the very best for your money so we’ve gathered together some airfare advice that will help you simplify the process of getting cheap airfares for your vacations to Mexico.

Great Airfare Advice for Vacations to Mexico

The first, and perhaps most important, piece of airfare advice is to make sure that you have enough time to shop around for the best deal on vacations to Mexico. When it comes to flights something as small as a few days or a week can make a dramatic difference to the airfare price especially when you’re taking the whole family away with you. Booking your vacations to Mexico in advance and checking with different airlines will help you to get the very best prices, but subscribing to email updates, newsletters or magazines of top airlines will also keep you informed of the discounts and special offers that may come up.

Another top piece of airfare advice is to avoid certain times of the year for your vacations to Mexico. Peak season is, obviously, the most expensive time to fly and, if you can, we’d advise you avoid travelling at these times; try not to fly to Mexico during school holidays or breaks. This way you’ll be more likely to get flights for the kind of prices you want to pay. You can make sure you are doubly likely to get low prices by checking when the public holidays are scheduled in Mexico, as they’re probably not the same as those back home. Another good point of airfare advice is to try to fly out on a weekday. Something as simple as flying on the weekends can really bump up the price of your plane ticket for your vacations to Mexico.

And finally, if you’re willing to look for flights with stopovers as well as those that might take off from or land at alternative airports. Widening your search categories can really help you to save money; sometimes a direct flight from your hometown to your destination is double the price of one that takes off or lands just one city or town over!

I really hope that this airfare advice for vacations to Mexico has been of use to you. If you have anything to add, or any more airfare tips, please leave a comment below!

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