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Are you ready to start planning ahead for a trip to visit Puerto Vallarta? The COVID-19 and coronavirus situation caused many resorts, businesses, and restaurants to temporarily close. In order to slow the spread of the virus, life came to a halt for a few months. Right now, many businesses and resorts are ready to reopen their doors to welcome back visitors again. Are you wondering when the best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is? The best months are in the fall and winter when humidity is lower and temperatures are picture-perfect. Read more below to learn about the seasons in PV, and when you should plan your next vacation to Mexico.


Best Time to Visit PV: Fall and Winter

Many people prefer to visit Puerto Vallarta during the fall and winter months that are just around the corner. At that time, the summer rains and high humidity are winding down. As a result, milder temperatures return to the Bay of Banderas in late October and early November. In addition, hurricane season also comes to an end. Thanks to the steady downfall of rain during the rainy season, the Sierra Madre Mountain jungle is green and lush making for a beautiful contrast against the Pacific Coast’s coastline in Banderas Bay. Fall is an ideal time to visit PV as heavy tourism hasn’t hit the area, and airline and hotel rates are still reasonable. Plus, one of the top PV activities to enjoy is whale watching. The majestic Humpback Whales migrate every year to the Bay of Banderas between the months of December through March. For visitors, whale watching tours are a must-do activity in PV. 


Ideal Weather For Visitors

In Puerto Vallarta, the average high temperature is 81° Fahrenheit  (27°Celsius). At night, evening temperatures can cool down to an average low of 64° Fahrenheit (17°C). Those temperatures are just perfect to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep. As far as water temperature goes, Banderas Bay temps average around 75° Fahrenheit during the winter season (24°C). In summer, the water in Banderas Bay heats up to an average temperature of 84°F (29°C). For water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving, the best water temperatures and visibility are enjoyed during the summer. In general, there is very little rainfall in the winter months in PV. Sometimes the area will experience a day or two of rain in the winter,  but typically the winter and spring seasons are quite dry. Spring brings cooler temperatures that many tourists love. On average, the rainy season officially begins towards the end of June. While the summer heat and humidity can be quite intense for many visitors, the summer storms in Puerto Vallarta are not to be missed. The powerful and beautiful displays include impressive lightning and thunderstorms that light up Bandera Bay.   


Book Your Vacation To PV

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