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Are you coming to Puerto Vallarta soon for a Mexican getaway, and you love sports? If so, you are in luck because there are numerous outdoor sports that you can enjoy while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta. Sporty people and fitness gurus can enjoy outdoor activities that they love because of the perfect climate in PV year-round. What type of outdoor sports do you like the most? You can partake in scuba diving and sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding, golfing and hiking, fishing and kite surfing, and so much more. Continue to read below so you can get sporty in PV. The top 5 activities to get sporty in PV are listed below.

Get Sporty in PV: Top 5 Activities

#1 Paddleboarding in Puerto Vallarta

Paddleboarding is one of our top 5 activity choices in PV. Paddleboarding is actually great for everyone regardless of skill or fitness levels. If you are a beginner, then you just need to pick a location where the waves are mild. You can go alone and enjoy quiet time or bring a friend along. You can rent paddleboards on just about any beach in Puerto Vallarta. Be aware that the PV sun rays are very strong all year long, so make sure you wear plenty of sunscreens and wear a hat. To begin paddleboarding, you should take the board and place it in shallow water, then kneel upon it and start paddling. Once you get the hang of it, just stand up and begin steering the board where you want to go. In Banderas Bay, paddleboarding is an exciting and enjoyable activity where you will get to see marine life up-close, and enjoy beautiful bay views, too.

#2 Golfing in Puerto Vallarta

Golfing in Puerto Vallarta is another one of the top 5 activities to enjoy in PV. You and anyone in your family that loves golfing will enjoy going to the numerous golf courses in the Puerto Vallarta area. Did you know that a few of the courses have been designed by golf legends that include Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman? Many of the golf courses also have a wonderful view of the ocean and lush jungle. Which golf course should you try first? There are great ones that include the El Tigre Golf Course in Nuevo Vallarta, the Marina Vallarta Golf Course (look out for crocs that walk the course as the area is part of their natural habitat), and the Pacific Golf Course in Punta Mita. You may want to reserve your tee time in advance as spots fill up fast.

#3 Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Fishing in Puerto Vallarta is another one of the top 5 activities in PV. You can go on a sport fishing tour, and there are many tour operators out there that will take you and your family out on the water for the entire day. You will want to remember to put on your sunscreen and wear a hat. If you catch a fish, you can even take the fish back to one of the area’s local restaurants where the chef will prepare it for you to enjoy. Now that’s fresh seafood!

#4 Scuba Diving in Puerto Vallarta

Scuba diving in Puerto Vallarta is another of the top 5 activities to enjoy during your vacation to Mexico. There are many different wonderful spots to scuba dive in PV. The Mexican Pacific Coast is a popular diving destination for savvy divers. Novice scuba divers can also dive in the Banderas Bay because the currents are much milder, and they will still see beautiful marine life and corals. Near Los Arcos and the Marietas Islands in the Banderas Bay are some of the best diving spots for more advanced divers. The underwater scenery that can be seen include rock formations, coral reefs, marine life, and caves and tunnels.

#5 Kitesurfing and Sailing in Puerto Vallarta

Kitesurfing and sailing are two more top 5 activities in Puerto Vallarta. If you haven’t heard of kitesurfing, then you will want to pay attention to learn how to kitesurf, you should take an instructional course that is 8-10 lessons in order to learn the basics. You will get acquainted with the equipment, so you can start having your kite carry you across the water. During the windy season (February-June), the area is a haven for kitesurfing. If this activity is too much for you, then you can enjoy sailing instead. In the Banderas Bay area, there are many different sailing charters. There are also sailing courses available in Puerto Vallarta. Either activity is enjoyable, and you will love being out on the water in Banderas Bay.

You can get sporty in PV. The top 5 activities are listed above. You can enjoy all of these top 5 activities and more while you are on vacation in Mexico. Which one is your favorite? Let us know below.

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