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Did you know the best way to get to know a new place? Take a walking tour! It’s the perfect way to get exercise and fresh air at the same time. Especially right now during the COVID pandemic, being in the outdoors at a safe distance from others is more important than ever. However, traveling can still be fun and enjoyable if you take the proper precautions. Read more about walking tours in PV. It’s a great way to explore this incredible town and get to know the area’s top attractions while being active, too.

Try a Walking Tour in PV 

Walking tours are the best way to get to know any new city during vacation. There’s nothing quite like getting some exercise as you take in the fresh air exploring the area’s hidden nooks and crannies. It is a great and inexpensive way to learn about the area’s people, food, and culture. In Puerto Vallarta, there are many walking tours available that are affordable, too. By having a guide, you won’t have to worry about the details. Instead, you can follow along and enjoy having the best spots selected for you. Plus, walking tours are easy on the wallet.  You will learn interesting tidbits about the city’s history, too. Normally, tours will last a few hours and can be tailored to meet the needs of anyone in your group. From young to old, everyone will enjoy a walking tour in PV. The best parts of the city to explore are in Puerto Vallarta’s Old Town or Romantic Zone where everything is within walking distance.

Food Tours 

What better way to combine a walking tour than with a food tour? In Puerto Vallarta, there are several options that feature quick bites at the area’s best restaurants, street vendors, and taco stands. It’s a great way to try out local cuisine and enjoy some of the local’s favorite foods. In Puerto Vallarta, the area is known for having fresh delicious ceviche, tasty and inexpensive tacos, and fresh coconuts cracked right open for you to drink the delicious water from inside. There are also traditional Mexican dishes such as mole, tamales, and more that are worth a try.  In addition, a food tour will introduce you to unique restaurants that you’d unlikely discover on your own. Plus, most local guides speak English and Spanish so visitors can enjoy a tour in their own language.  

Street Art in PV

Puerto Vallarta is becoming well known for having incredible street art. Many muralists and artists have started painting incredible colorful murals on the walls in the city’s downtown area. There, Mexican culture is embraced and features important aspects of the country’s heritage. A walking tour will allow you a chance to visit these incredible lifesize works of art for yourself. In addition, there is a local effort known as “The Adopt a Mural Project”. It is a fundraiser that aims to beautify Puerto Vallarta’s neighborhoods with conscious community projects like trash clean up and the creation of public murals. The murals are funded by individuals who want to donate money to provide for painting materials and the artist’s time, all while highlighting global, environmental, and social issues that affect society. As visitors stroll through the cobblestone streets, they will find history, culture, galleries, food, and stunning murals. The streets of Puerto Vallarta have come alive with art, and you never know what you may find.

Headed to Puerto Vallarta for a vacation to Mexico? If so, get outside and enjoy the fresh air during a walking tour. You can check out the city’s top landmarks, best food, and incredible street art. If you need an affordable travel package, contact My Vacation to Mexico by calling at 1-800-607-7499. They are a reputable online travel agency that works with top resorts like the Villa Group. They have stringent health protocols in place to keep visitors safe to enjoy a getaway to paradise. Remember, call and book your vacation to Puerto Vallarta today!

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