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Souvenir shopping while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta is a must, especially when you have traveled to this sunshiny, number one vacation destination. It is essential that you pick up souvenirs for your family, friends, and yourself to remind you of the best vacation in Puerto Vallarta. The souvenir shopping while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta can vary from jewelry, unique artwork, and beautiful hand blown glass pieces. Everywhere you turn, you will find plenty of souvenir shopping options where you will find that perfect item. Read below at the best souvenir shopping options in Puerto Vallarta.

Souvenir Shopping in Puerto Vallarta

One of the favorite things that vacationers and the locals do is walking along the Malecon boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta as this provides the best views of the bay. Along the waterfront is downtown Puerto Vallarta where the heart of the city is located. There are the best restaurants, nightclubs, street performers, life sculptures, and street food vendors that provide delicious foods. There is plenty of souvenir shopping opportunities here as there is high end jewelry, swimsuits, trinkets, leather items, and so much more. There is a several galleries located here that feature Huichol items that is locally made. You can get wall art, beaded figurines, and other Huichol souvenirs. When you are souvenir shopping while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta you will want to make the first stop on the Malecon boardwalk.

Flea Market in Puerto Vallarta

Bargaining skills can happen when you visit the flea market in Puerto Vallarta. There are many cheap items that you can buy such as shot glasses, toys, jewelry, home décor items, t-shirts, and art. If you would like to purchase unique hand blown glass items like pitchers and glasses, then this flea market is where you should go. Another favorite souvenir to pick up is the Talavera pottery that is made here and can be found at the flea market in Puerto Vallarta. There are beautiful Talavera bowls, plates, and other accessories that you can purchase here.

Puerto Vallarta Beach Vendors

The beach vendors in Puerto Vallarta walk up and down the beach with their items selling their unique and great items to people on the beach. This allows you to lay back and enjoy the beach and do your souvenir shopping. The beach vendors sells a wide variety of items that include silver jewelry, sports items, sarongs, wooden carvings, and many other things. The beach vendors also sell sunglasses and umbrellas for when the sun is very hot and strong.

The best souvenir shopping while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta will be fun and exciting. As you can see, you can get souvenirs on the boardwalk, downtown, and even on the beach!

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