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Are you planning a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and excited about all the wonderful activities you can enjoy in this Baja California playground? If not, you should be! Cabo San Lucas is renowned for its amazing tours and excursions. You will find a whole range of top activities in Cabo San Lucas, some for adventure lovers, some for seafarers and others for those that just like a good time.
Cabo San Lucas Mexico

El Arco (Land’s End)
Without a doubt one of the top activities in Cabo San Lucas, visiting El Arco is something you shouldn’t miss. Taking a trip to Land’s End, as it is called in English, is easy. You can charter a luxury yacht or take a water taxi with a glass bottom to the rock formation. Once you are there, apart from great photos, you can also lounge on Lovers beach that is joined by a tunnel to Divorced Beach!

Whale Watching
From November through October you will be able to catch sightings of humpback whales in Cabo and even the chance of an orca or two if you are lucky, although killer whales are less common. Certainly one of the top activities in Cabo San Lucas.

Camel Ride
An unusual activity but one that complements the dry desert climate and surroundings in Cabo, camel rides on the beach have become one of the most popular top activities in Cabo San Lucas.

Taking a stroll around the downtown area and dining out is amongst the top activities in Cabo San Lucas. With such great cuisine, Cabo is ready to delight and surprise visitors with gourmet fare as well as the best tex-mex favorites. Party lovers will also be impressed by the colorful nightlife on offer in Cabo that rates high for top activities in Cabo San Lucas.


With some of Mexico’s top world class golf courses, if you like golf you would be silly to miss out on playing in Cabo San Lucas. Lush, immaculate courses await.

Sailfish fishing

Fishing is a one of the top actives in Cabo San Lucas thanks to the range of fish you will find as well as easy accessibility to fishing charters. There are also a number of fishing tournaments each year in Cabo.

Diving and Snorkeling
Diving and Snorkeling are popular top activities in Cabo San Lucas thanks to good visibility and a range of marine life to explore. Diving or snorkeling atEl Arco is a favorite destination but you can also find other wonderful sites recommended by dive tour companies.

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