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While winter weather is here in the US and Canada, it’s summer all year long in sunny Cancun. As a result, many vacationers are ready to head south and hit the beach to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. Cancun is home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches that have soft, wind sands and clear turquoise waters. In addition, the Riviera Maya has some of the most beautiful coral reefs and marine life in Mexico making it an ideal place to scuba dive. If you aren’t already certified, there are dive tours in the area that offer instruction for newbies. Read more about Cancun vacations, and how you can see the vibrant marine life in person during a scuba dive in the Caribbean Sea.

Dive Tour Instruction in Cancun

There are multiple reputable dive tours providers in the Cancun and Riviera Maya area. Check Tripadvisor and Yelp to select a company that has great reviews for safety and service. Visitors find that scuba diving in the area is often their most memorable experience during their Cancun vacation. Depending on which tour you select, most experiences begin with instruction in a pool as a refresher course for experienced divers or important tips for new divers. To start with, a dive guide will carefully explain how to use equipment and diving techniques. Safety is a number one priority. Next, it will be time to practice in a pool to test out what you have just learned.

Time to Dive!

Once everyone feels comfortable after practicing their dive skills in the pool, it will be time to head to sea! Some tours will visit multiple dive spots so you can get the most bang for your buck. In that case, 2 air tanks per person will be provided so that each diver will have enough air to complete 2 dives. Tours typically begin in the marina where diving equipment is fitted to suit each diver’s needs. In addition, tours usually carry bottled water, juices and snacks in case guests need a drink or food during their adventure. Once at the dive site, the boat will dock down so divers can descend. Once equipped, divers will enter the water following the dive guide and head down into the sea. Vacationers will be impressed by the tropical marine life and coral reels that are simply stunning. The ocean is a mysterious and beautiful place and scuba diving allows individuals to get up close and personal with the wonders of the deep blue sea. Make sure to bring along sunglasses and a hat for the boat and only use biodegradable sunscreen. Chemicals contained in regular sunscreen can be harmful to coral reefs!

Cancun Tips

Once back in Cancun, here are a few tips to make your Mexican vacation that much better. Try to avoid chain restaurants that are touristy and expensive. Instead, the best cuisine is found at inexpensive traditional spots that locals frequent. Although U.S. dollars are accepted at most places, it is always better to use pesos if possible. Prices are in pesos, and you may not get the best exchange rate if you have to use dollars. Plus, your change will be in pesos and the wait staff will appreciate receiving tips in pesos versus dollars. Wondering when to visit? On average, the best weather occurs during the winter months between December and April. Summertime means increased humidity and tropical storms, but Cancun is an ideal place to visit all year long.

Transportation in Cancun

Wondering how to get around on your Cancun vacation? There is no need to rent a car on your getaway as public and private transportation is quite affordable. Avoid the stress and hassle of renting a car, use the public bus system, taxis or uber instead. To avoid getting overcharged, taxis hailed from the street do not have meters, so make sure to agree on a price before you get in. Ridesharing companies like Uber are also available and make it easy to know how much you have to pay ahead of time. Plus, there are three private bus lines that connect Cancun’s downtown area to the hotel zone. The buses are very affordable and even have stops in destinations including Playa del Carmen and Tulum if a road trip is on your mind.

As you can see, Cancun is a great place to visit. Sign up for a dive tour and get ready to be dazzled by the incredibly colorful and vibrant marine life in the Riviera Maya. Plus, the local cuisine and friendly residents make every vacation stress free and enjoyable. It will be hard to leave after you fall in love with the beautiful beaches and amazing climate in the region. Looking for a place to stay? Contact My Vacation to Mexico at 1-800-607-7499. They are an online travel agency that works with top resorts such as the Villa Group. The Villa del Palmar Cancun is a popular resort that also sells a quality timeshare ownership membership for qualified applicants. Contact My Vacation to Mexico today to see what kind of travel packages are available right now. You deserve to pamper yourself with a Cancun vacation in paradise!

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