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Mexico, and in particular Cancun, is one of the very best vacation destinations in the world for keen divers. Some of the dive sites in and around Cancuns’ coastline are stunning; some are incredibly unique. The waters around Cancun are filled with colorful and beautiful wildlife that has little competition as far as loveliness goes. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Cancun has something to offer. Here are some top diving sites in Cancun for you to discover:

Cancun Underwater Museum

One of the most unrivalled set of diving sites in Cancun, MUSA underwater museum is a project entirely unique to Cancun. Here, works by British artist Jason DeCaires Taylor have been placed onto the seabed and have, over time, created a man-made reef off the coasts of Isla Mujeres, Cozumel and Cancun. There are a few exhibitions that can be seen from glass bottomed boats, but most of the others must be explored during a dive. The overall result is wonderful! The life size sculptures have a beautiful, eerie feel that is really unforgettable! Remember your waterproof camera when you go to see the MUSA museum; you’ll be glad to have it with you for this unbeatable collection of diving sites in Cancun!

Source: www.underwatersculpture.com


There are a huge number of shipwrecks to explore on the seabed in and around Cancuns’ coastline which form some of the best diving sites in Cancun. Some shipwrecks were sunk on purpose to aid ailing sub-aquatic ecosystem, others met an untimely fate but all are hugely interesting! One great diving site in Cancun for more advanced divers is the C58 minesweeper where you can see manta rays and groupers; this reef was formed in 1980 when the vessel sunk. For very experienced divers there is the wreck of the cargo ship El Frio; this reef is a prime spot for underwater photography. In this area you can see amberjacks, turtles, barracuda and miscellaneous tropical fish. The currents around here can be strong, though, so it might be best to take a guide with you!


Though ocean dives can be a great experience, they are not the only diving sites in Cancun available to you when you vacation in Mexico! There are many caves in and around the area, both salt and fresh water, which are choice diving locations. La Caverna de los Murcielagos (the Bat Cave) is a perfect example; large stalactites and columns form intricate formations that really give the cave a surreal feel. Another great cave is the cave of Sleeping Sharks, a coral formation off the coast of Isla Mujeres which is home to many kinds of friendly sharks including bull, gray reef, and black tip sharks.

Source: www.scubaboard.com


The reefs that are attached to the great Mesoamerican reef are all, in their own ways, enchanting forming the most popular diving sites in Cancun. Aristos reef, for example, is an incredibly lovely coralline based ecosystem which is home to many different species including Barracuda and miscellaneous tropical fish; the currents here are quite strong so do be careful! It would be prudent to ensure that you don’t wear shiny bracelets or rings when you dive in the vicinity of Barracuda, as they might mistake the shine for the scales of their prey. Another great reef is Manchones which is suitable for divers of all levels of expertise; snappers, grunts, blue tangs, and snappers all call this area home.

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