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Danzante Bay, an inlet near the coast of Baja, California, is one of Mexico’s prized aquatic jewels found in the Sea of Cortez. Renowned explorer Jacques Cousteau calls the Danzante Bay the “Aquarium of the World” because there are over 5,000 species of sea creatures found in this 465 square mile inlet. The inlet is surrounded by five exotic islands of Loreto and is considered a marine park protected by the United Nations. Make no mistake about it: Danzante Bay and the surrounding Islands of Loreto are a diver’s dream come true.


The location and position of the bay makes it the perfect spot for a diversity of sea life. The usual rough waters of the Pacific Ocean are not found in this inlet, which makes it a peaceful haven even for the whales during specified months of the year. Between the peaceful waters and the wonders of the underwater sea life, divers are certain to feel like they are in diving heaven!


The Islands of Loreto offer divers a host of locations to have their diving experience. There’s Coronado Island, Isla Del Carmen, Los Candeleros, La Lobera, Danzante Island, Piedra Blanca and other locations. All locations are ideal for diving, and each spot has its own special underwater novelty that provides a lot of pictures for your scrapbook. In Isla Del Carmen (aka Carmen Island), a lot of coral reef can be found. You can also see a whale shark every now and then in addition to the other sea creatures found there. Another added bonus of Carmen Island is the shallow water. The water goes no deeper than 35 feet, and it is peaceful enough for novice divers and snorkelers to explore.

Underwater fun

Danzante Island is another example of a diving location with a special underwater novelty. Here, you will find jaw-dropping rock formations and walls with steps on them as you explore the deep canyons found here. There are also nice little nooks that contain interesting sea creatures like eels, starfish octopus, and staghorn crab. You will also find a combination of hard and soft corals in this diving location.

Getting a chance to encounter the wonders found in the Islands of Loreto makes this destination a must for those who love to go deep sea diving. The multitude of marine species found here and the diverse natural beauty found here will leave any diver speechless. So schedule a scuba diving journey here in the Islands of Loreto and Danzante Bay to have a vacation to remember!

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