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Why not take a ride on the wild side during your Mexican vacation this year with an ATV tour in Baja California? The 21 mile strip of land that encompasses Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo is the perfect place to get your kicks on an all terrain vehicle; the rugged and stunning Los Cabos landscape invites exploration and adoration.

Whether you want an interesting location to visit, or you just want to whizz about on an ATV you’ll be able to find tours in Los Cabos that are just right for you. In fact even the locals will tell you that an ATV is one of the best ways to get about when you’re outside the city limits, so why not grab life by the handle bars and see what you can find in Los Cabos?

ATV Adventure Tours in Los Cabos

Lovers of nature and the outdoors who just want to spend some time seeing what the Baja California peninsula has to offer will love Migriño beach. This 3 mile stretch of soft sands and gentle waves connects seamlessly to the desert and dry river beds beyond, and leads directly to the 100ft Los Parendones cliffs which tower majestically over the waves below. If you want to be inspired by the raw beauty of nature, this is one of the best ATV adventure tours in Los Cabos for you, and it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular destinations for people on ATV tours in the area. Here you can let loose and feel the sea breeze in your hair while you skid through sand dunes and shallow waves on Los Cabos.

If you want something to explore at the end of your ATV ride, however, it’s well worth taking the 25 mile journey north of Los Cabos to the tiny village of La Candelaria. Housing only 60 people this village is known not only for the traditional way of life that is preserved here, but for black and white magic too. The contrast between the luxury and modernity of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo and the simplicity of La Candelaria couldn’t be starker. In fact very little has changed in the 200 years that this village has been standing other than the volume of outside traffic that comes to its door.

There’s so much to enjoy and see on ATV adventure tours in Los Cabos.

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