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Although Cabo San Lucas is renowned for appealing to adults, especially for honeymoons and anniversary getaways, it can also be a place where the whole family can have some fun, including your kids. When you consider all the outdoor things to do that can involve your children, you will find that Cabo San Lucas is also a lovely place to take the family to have some fun. Let’s look at how Cabo caters for kids.

Sea Expeditions for kids

Being taught surfing lessons from Mexico’s former national surfing champion is just one of the activities in Cabo for kids. Kayaking and standing up paddle boarding and snorkeling are also some great things for kids to do in Cabo.

Wild Canyon Adventures

Younger children will love the exotic atmosphere of the petting zoo and the camel riding while at Wild Canyon Adventures. Your older kids will love the thrill of sling swinging, off-road racing, bungee jumping and ziplining in Cabo. This is a hot spot for teenagers looking for an adrenaline boost.

Cabo Expeditions

Everyone, including your kids will find something that strikes their fancy while spending time in Cabo. There are a variety of eco-themed tours to choose from like seasonal whale watching, parasailing, swimming with whale sharks, snorkeling trips to Santa Maria and Chileno Bays, Snuba (a cross between snorkeling and scuba diving), day trips to Isla Espíritu and other adventures.

Cuadra San Francisco Equestrian Center

This center is a great choice for those who want to have some family fun while in Cabo. A family runs this center, and both the father and son are highly trained horsemen. They will help you enjoy a variety of equestrian activities, and they even provide horse riding lessons for adults and kids. Adults can ride adult horses, and children can ride ponies with matching saddles for comfort.

Cabo Dolphins for your vacation with kids

Make no mistake about it. Your kids are going to love the experience they have in the large pool with the dolphins. The younger kids will have the excitement of watching the dolphins swim around as they swim in the shallow waters. The older kids will get the chance to ride the dolphin by hanging onto the dolphin’s pectoral or dorsal fin as this enchanting creature swims around the pool.

Cabo Submarine

You will love identifying the 70 types of colorful fish and other marine life found in Cabo San Lucas Bay while being submerged in a 60’ yellow semi-submersible submarine on this hour tour. The environment in the viewing cabin is climate-controlled for your comfort as you and up to 50 guests at a time can set your sights on interesting marine life and awesome rock formations like The Arch and Neptune’s Finger.

Cabo Karting Center

The Carbo Karting Center is a favorite of families vacationing in Cabo. Kids love it! You can participate in multi-lap races on a quarter mile track. Younger children can enjoy video games while the older children (at a minimum of 4’6″ tall) get a chance to drive the carts. So, get your engines started to have some competitive fun!

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