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In Puerto Vallarta, you won’t find a better city to enjoy the best Mexican food.  However, you probably didn’t think that you would also find delicious pizza in Mexico, but you can. Pizza is one of the most purchased foods worldwide. The oozing cheese, delicious toppings, crispy crust, and numerous toppings always hit the spot. You may even be craving a slice a pizza right now! If you are in Puerto Vallarta and you are craving pizza, and you have eaten enough tacos, then don’t worry because there are many fantastic pizza restaurants with delicious pizza. We have provided the top five Puerto Vallarta pizza restaurants below. After you read it, you will know where to find the best pizza in Puerto Vallarta. 


Los Muertos Brewing Company

Locals and ex-pats all agree that Los Muertos Brewing Company has some of the best pizza in Puerto Vallarta. In 2012, the Los Muertos Brewing Company opened and they create and serve some of the most delicious pizza in Puerto Vallarta. All of their pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven, and you can choose from a lot of fresh toppings. The Emiliano Zapata pizza is a top pizza choice, and it comes with Italian sausage, olives, jalapenos, and goat cheese which may sound like a strange combination, but it is definitely a unique taste and pizza that everyone loves. Los Muertos Brewing Company is also a craft beer brewer, and they brew their own artisanal beers at this location. You will want to make sure that you try a pint or two of their craft beers when you are enjoying their delicious pizza, you will not regret it. You may want to try to go to the Los Muertos Brewing Company during lunchtime because they provide daily specials that include a slice of your pizza choice, a salad or French fries, and a pint of their specialty craft beer. You will be surprised to know that their lunch special only costs $5.00. What a great deal!


La Dolce Vita

On the beautiful Malecon Boardwalk, is the traditional Italian restaurant called La Dolce Vita. The Malecon boardwalk is a popular place where people like to go on an evening stroll to watch the ocean or take in downtown in Puerto Vallarta. Visitors will love the ambiance here, and the dining room or patio seating area perfect to enjoy the Malecon Boardwalk. La Dolce Vita has a romantic atmosphere and the menu provides traditional Italian choices along with pizza. There isn’t a better place in Puerto Vallarta to eat pizza and drink a glass of wine while you watch people strolling the boardwalk. While you are at La Dolce Vita, you may want to order one of their delicious salads or seafood dishes, too. 



Veggitalia is a newer restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, and they provide healthy vegetarian dishes. The chef is from Lake Como, Italy and he brought his passion and experience with foods to the Banderas Bay region in order to provide healthy dishes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Every type of vegetables that you can think of they have at this restaurant, and you can choose any kind to be added to your pizza. No guilt will occur when you eat a healthy and tasty veggie pizza. The pesto sauce is a must-try as Chef Marco makes it homemade from scratch. Vegans living and visiting Puerto Vallarta are thrilled that there is a vegan pizza place, and the pizza sauce is freshly homemade. You may even want to try a top seller dish while you are there called the Arugula and Mushroom Pie. It is to die for! 



On the way to San Sebastian and close to Ixtapa off Carretera Las Palmas is where you will find this hidden jewel called Formaggio’s Pizza. The pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven for a hearty and rustic taste. There is a beautiful outdoor dining area with trees to shade the sun, and at night there are candles on the tables and a fire pit is lit so customers can sit in this peaceful and romantic setting as they enjoy their pizza. Each and every month Formaggio offers a pizza of the month special, and it only costs $145 pesos, which is very affordable. You should make sure that you go to Formaggio’s so you can try an authentic pizza that the locals enjoy. 


La Piazetta

La Piazetta is another one of Puerto Vallarta’s favorite pizza places. It is just a short walk from the Los Muertos Pier, and it has been in business for many decades. La Piazzetta can be found in the center of Zona Romantica and Olas Altas, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a cold glass of wine and delicious pizza. There are open-air seating options and nice décor inside that is inviting as well. They offer numerous pizzas and the Funghi Pizza is a favorite by many, and it has tons of mushrooms and just the perfect amount of cheese to make this pizza delicious. The Hawaiian Pizza with fresh pineapple and ham on a think crust is another favorite choice of pizza at La Pizzetta. 


You now know where to find the best pizza in Vallarta. The next time you are here you should check out these top five pizza places. You will not be disappointed!

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