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Are you vacationing or live in Cabo San Lucas part of the year or full time, and want to try new water sport that is fun and thrilling? If so, why not look into surf kayaking in Cabo. Surf kayaking is a fun water sport that combines the technique and proper equipment to surf ocean waves in a kayak. Surf kayaking has many similarities to surfboard surfing, but instead use kayak boats that are specifically designed for use in surf zones along with a paddle to help steer. Surf kayaking in Cabo is a great way to enjoy the beautiful climate, and get in a little exercise at the same time. Read below to read about surf kayaking in Cabo, and our tips to make the experience more enjoyable for you.


Surf Kayaking in Cabo  

To start your surf kayaking in Cabo adventure, it is important to respect the ocean and always evaluate the current conditions. If the water and currents are too strong, it is best to wait and try again another day. Waves and water currents can quickly change and fluctuate throughout the day, and staying safe is priority number one.  If conditions are in your favor, you should also make sure to dress accordingly. While you may be tempted to go surf kayaking in Cabo without a helmet or life jacket, it is best to err on the side of caution. A life jacket or helmet could help save your life if conditions are rough, and you are thrown from your kayak and hit a coral reef or sandbar.  


How to Start Surf Kayaking 

The best way to enter the ocean to start your surf kayaking in Cabo adventure is to first check the waves from the shore. Try to time the waves to see when is your best chance of getting past a lull in the waves. That way, it is easier to get past the surf break instead of having to paddle through or around waves.  The best time to get into your kayak is when you are at the edge of where the surf hits the shore. This spot is ideal because you can keep your kayak from getting moved around by the waves. Ready to get going? Launch yourself using your arms to lift the kayak up and push you forward toward the open sea. Once you have pushed off into the water, the real fun begins. 


Surf Kayaking in Cabo Tips

Want a few tips on how to improve your surf kayaking in Cabo skills? One great tip is to practice a solid kayak roll ahead of time. While swimming outside of your kayak is not an ideal option while out in the ocean, even the strongest swimmers can have difficulty securing their kayaking equipment if they fall into the water while at sea. In order to improve your experience, only suitable kayaks that are designed for ocean surf are recommended. Surf kayaks or whitewater kayaks have spray skirts or are sit-on-top style kayaks that are specially designed for use in the ocean as opposed to standard kayaks.  


Cabo residents and visitors, why not try surf kayaking next time you find yourself in sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We hope these tips make your surf kayaking in Cabo experience fun, safe and thrilling at the same time.

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