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Renting a car on vacation to Mexico is one of the easiest things that you can do to get around, even if speaking Spanish is not something you are capable of. Renting a car on vacation in Mexico will provide you with more comfort and freedom, and even though taxis are affordable and public transportation is available, renting a car is a nice way to see the country. Here are some helpful tips for renting a car while on vacation in Mexico.

Choosing the Right Car Rental Provider

Earning points and being comfortable with your favorite car rental brand is one way to choose the right car rental provider for renting a car while on vacation in Mexico. Most of the car rental companies do operate in Mexico, so you can choose your favorite company, but there are smaller “mom and pop” car rental shops in Mexico, too. Their services may not be as good as your favorite company, so you may want to stick with the car rental company that you are most comfortable with, and it is always wise to always check and compare prices online before you rent a car in Mexico.

Tips to Car Rental in Mexico To Remember:

  • If you can book your car rental online, then you should do so because the online deals will save you money. However, you should remember that when you book your car rental online that you need to opt to add car insurance because generally the car insurance isn’t included in the quote. You should also add full coverage too, so you are fully protected in the event of an accident.
  • Inspecting the car for any imperfections is always recommended. Make sure to document the imperfections by taking photographs of any dents or scrapes, and always check inside and outside of the car, so you are not charged erroneously for damages left by the previous driver. Don’t be in a rush for your vacation and neglect the inspection of the car prior to renting it.
  • Toll highways are an added cost that many travelers want to avoid, but it will be worth it as the tolls give you access to nicer, asphalt roads that are improved and modern. You can also use Google Earth to see the highways in Mexico, too.

Safety Driving Tips in Mexico

You are advised to be very careful when you rent a car in Mexico for your vacation. Always respect the speed limit and stop at all traffic lights. Never text and drive, drink and drive, drive under the influence of drugs, or drive without your seatbelt in Mexico. These are laws that must be obeyed just like in many other countries.

For extra safety, while driving in Mexico, you should never pick up any hitchhikers and you should always try to do your driving and traveling during the daytime hours. If while you are driving in Mexico and you come across a checkpoint by the Mexican police or government, you should answer all questions honestly and stay in your vehicle and follow instructions. Anytime that you are driving through the towns or when you are sitting at a traffic light, keep your doors locked and stay aware. You don’t have to keep doors locked while driving on the highways.

Road Signs in Mexico

Here are the top road signs in Mexico:

  1. Alto – Stop
  2. No Hay Paso – Road Closed
  3. Despacio – Slow
  4. No Rebase – No Passing
  5. No Estacionarse – No Parking
  6. Curva Peligrosa – Dangerous Curve
  7. Ceda el Paso – Yield
  8. Conserva su Derecha – Keep Right
  9. Topes – Speed Bumps
  10. Desviación – Detour

Lastly, enjoy driving in Mexico. Explore all the enchanting and charming towns. Relax and take your time. When you need coffee or snacks, you can stop at Oxxo Convenience stores or any of the family-run convenience stores to make your traveling more comfortable. Renting a car on vacation to Mexico will make your vacation even better!

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