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As one of the most popular (not to mention thrilling!) outdoor adventures in Los Cabos, going on a ziplining tour is sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation. Offering some of the highest, fastest and longest zip lines in Mexico, you will witness incredible, stunning vistas of Los Cabos as you effortlessly soar through the air. Children as young as seven years old can participate in this exciting activity, making it a fantastic choice for the whole family. Ziplining in Los Cabos is an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will definitely bring out your daring side, and you will no doubt have the time of your life on this liberating tour!


Safety is of utmost importance during a ziplining tour, which is why each excursion begins with a safety briefing that will help you understand how to make this the safest and enjoyable experience possible. Safety briefings are important not only for you but also for fellow tourists along for the ride. Your talented team of guides will ensure that your entire journey is not only safe but filled with lots of fun, too. You will be outfitted with the appropriate safety gear including a harness and helmet. As all zipline canopy tours take place high above the canyon floor, be aware that even though they are appropriate for most ages and conditions, there is some uphill walking involved in order to reach the starting point and sometimes between the various ziplines. If you are unsure if you are physically fit enough for the tour, ask your tour guide before the adventure begins.

What To Expect

Once you have arrived at the first zipline of the tour, prepare yourself for one of the most exhilarating series of rides you may ever experience. You will fly high above the wilds of desert canyons filled with gorgeous scenery as you reach incredibly high speeds (up to 100 km/hr or 60 mph!). Picture yourself zipping back and forth across the breathtaking canyons from dramatic heights that offer you the most incredible vistas. Some tours include the unique feature of being able to ride in tandem with other passengers if you would like to soar above the desert together with your favorite travel partner. There are even double lines at the end of many tours that allow you to race against a rival zip liner for a little friendly competition. Who’s ready to race?

Time To Relax

After your electrifying time flying high above the desert in Los Cabos, you can relax after all of the excitement of your tour by grabbing some drinks or snacks. You certainly will enjoy sitting back and relaxing after your fun-filled day of adventure and adrenaline rushing activity. Sit back and go through your pictures and videos to pick out your favorites. Maybe even post some of the best ones on Instagram so you can share your vacation moments with loved ones back at home. You will also want to check out the keepsake photos and/or video of your tour afterward so you can relive the memories of your fantastic adventure for years to come!

For vacation memories you will treasure forever, make sure you experience a ziplining adventure when you visit Los Cabos!

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