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September is upon us and if you haven’t heard, that means that Mexican Independence Day or Dia de la Independencia is about to start. Actually, in Mexico, the entire month of September is a time for celebration, and you will be shocked to see so many Mexican flags that are being displayed in resident’s homes, stores, bars, and boutiques, and public areas throughout Mexico. Will you be vacationing in Mexico on September 15th, 2019? If you are, then be prepared to party. There will be two full days of fun on September 15th and 16th, starting with celebrations honoring the “El Grito” at 11:00 pm on September 15th.

September 15th – Viva Mexico! Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun

During the month of September in Mexico is “El Mes de la Patria”, which in English stands for the month of the homeland. The colors of the Mexican flag (red, white, and green) will be on display and decorated everywhere. All Mexican people take pride in their country, and they dutifully respect the history and traditions that made Mexico what it is today. Ferias (fairs) will be held across the country. Most of the homes and public buildings will be decorated in green, red and white colors along with having the Mexican flag flying high. In the days leading up to Mexican Independence Day, there will be a variety of festivals and parades as well.

Cancun Mexican Independence Day

You will be in for a great treat if you are in Cancun on September 15th, 2019. Be prepared to party like you have never partied in the past. The town squares in Mexico are where crowds will gather, especially on September 15th as this is when the Grito de la Independencia will be celebrated which recognizes Miguel Hidalgo and his call for bringing independence back to Mexico which happened back in September 1810. This historic event prompted the people in Mexico to stand up against the forces of the Spanish, so they could reclaim their Independent Nation status. In Cancun, the mayor will replicate Hidalgo’s cry 3 times, and the crowd of people will respond back with “Viva Mexico!”. You will get to enjoy impressive fireworks displays, along with fiestas that are held all around the town and on the beaches. All residents and tourists can enjoy the patriotic activities in peace as local police will be on hand.

Viva Mexico! Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun starting on September 15th. There will be tons of fun during the celebrations, and it wouldn’t be a celebration without having live mariachi music playing in Cancun. You can enjoy all the drinking you want, but please don’t drive afterward, and you might want to avoid Cancun’s main street, which is called Boulevard Kukulcan because there will be a lot of traffic and crowds. Viva Mexico! Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Cancun, Mexico on September 15th and 16th.

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