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Do you want tips for COVID safe travel to Mexico? There, visitors love to visit Cancun, Cozumel, and the Isla Mujeres. Right now, Mexico is being very welcoming to visitors despite the challenges of the COVID pandemic. Tourism is one of the top industries in Mexico. Many residents work in tourism and it fuels the country’s economy. As a result, Mexico has worked hard to implement safety protocols to keep visitors safe to visit. Mexico is known for its warm hospitality and first-class customer service that makes vacationers feel right at home. Headed to Cancun? If so, you will be pleased to know that the Riviera Maya has received the “Safe Travels Stamp” that is designated by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) to locations considered safe for travel. Keep reading below about the FAQ and top tips for COVID safe travel to Mexico.

Top 10 COVID Travel to Mexico FAQ’s:

Q: Can I travel to Mexico right now?
A: Yes. Mexico has been receiving visitors since June 1st. Hotels, restaurants, airlines and other tourist companies have gradually resumed operations in the Mexican Caribbean and throughout the country. Most businesses are open with adjusted health and sanitation measures to keep guests safe.
Q: Are resorts and hotels open in the Riviera Maya including Cancun?
A: Yes. Cancun hotels and resorts reopened on June 8th with limited capacity. Slowly, they have allowed more guests to visit depending on the effectiveness of their COVID safety measures. Resorts have numerous health and safety protocols in place including temperature reading at check-in, deep cleaning of guest suites with hospital grade disinfectant, social distancing regulations throughout common areas, the use of facemasks in common areas, and more.
Q: Are beaches open?
A: In Cancun and most of Mexico, public beaches have been open since early summer at limited capacity. Operating hours may change depending on the number of COVID cases in the area. Some public places are temporarily closed or have adjusted their opening hours to reduce the number of people. However, Mexico has miles of beautiful beaches making it easy to follow social distancing recommendations. A beach day in Mexico is a great way to spend time in the fresh air while safely enjoying quality time with your loved ones.
Q: Are restaurants open in Cancun and the Riviera Maya?
A: Yes. Many restaurants in Mexico including Cancun gradually reopened back in early June. Some restaurants have rearranged seating to allow for adequate space between diners, and other locations open for takeout or delivery only. In addition, the use of facemasks by staff members and visitors in common areas is required.
Q: What are the safety protocols established by the airports and airlines?
A: In Mexico, there are numerous measures in place to keep travelers safe in the airport and on their flight. To begin, social distancing is required throughout the airport. Also, the use of face masks is required throughout the airport. Temperature checks are done before travelers are allowed to board planes and travelers must wear face masks during their flight. In addition, planes are deep cleared between flights and have ventilation systems that promote the flow of clean air through the cabin.
Q: What should I pack for my trip to the Mexican Caribbean?
A: The Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean has one of Mexico’s most desirable climates. Most days are sunny and pleasantly warm. Pack comfortable clothes and beach attire including a hat and sunglasses. Don’t forget to bring several facemasks with you.
Q: Do tourists need to self-quarantine when they travel to the Mexican Caribbean?
A: Right now, self-quarantine is not required when traveling to Mexico. Public places including resorts, restaurants and the airports have safety protocols in place. Check with your specific resort to verify their COVID safety regulations.
Q: Are Covid-free Medical Reports required to travel to Mexico?
A: Right now, medical reports are not required to travel to Mexico. Temperature checks and a health questionnaire has to be completed before entering the country. Anyone that is not feeling well or sick should not travel to reduce the risk of virus transmission.
Q: Are Mexico’s Archeological Sites in the Yucatan and Riviera Maya Open?
A: Yes, archaeological sites in the Riviera Maya are open to the public. They have various protocols in place to limit the number of visitors to the sites at one time. Capacity is limited, and visitors must socially distance to line up for tickets. Temperatures will be checked and no one with a fever will be allowed to enter. Also, the use of face masks in the ruins is required.
Q: Is there adequate medical service for tourists in the case they get sick on vacation to Mexico?
A: Yes, Mexico has excellent private hospitals and healthcare centers. Also, most resorts employ an onsite medical team with physicians that can come to the resort if needed.
Despite the challenges of COVID this past year, you can still vacation in Mexico if you take precautions. While staying home and limiting contact with others is always the best choice, by all working together we can reduce the risk of transmission of the virus. If you decide to take a vacation to Mexico, follow our COVID safety tips to keep you and your loved ones safe. Need a place to stay? Contact My Vacation to Mexico at 1-800-607-7499. They are a reputable travel agency that works with top resorts such as the Villa del Palmar Cancun. The health and safety of their customers is their number one priority. You deserve a getaway to sunny Mexico!

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