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If you are looking for tips for a cheaper vacation in Puerto Vallarta then you have come to the right blog. No one wants to pay more than they need, and when it comes to vacations, there is even more reason to find the best hotel rates and flights so as to enjoy your vacation without fear of how much you will tot up on your credit card bill.


Puerto Vallarta is a great hotspot for vacationing. Demand is high and thus getting cheap accommodation and airfares might seem a little difficult. For this you may need to look around a little, plan your vacation in advance and seek the best competitive rates and discounts on offer so that you can get a cheaper vacation in Puerto Vallarta. In this respect, the best tips for a cheaper vacation in Puerto Vallarta are to join hotel mailing lists and become fans of Puerto Vallarta resorts on facebook to see when they have the best offers.

Agreeing to attend a timeshare presentation in Puerto Vallarta is a great tip for a cheaper vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Cheap Puerto Vallarta packages in exchange for a timeshare tour is a very common way of getting a cheap vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Likewise, purchasing a timeshare will save you money on your future vacations in Puerto Vallarta.

And, finally, the last of our tips for a cheaper vacation in Puerto Vallarta is to travel like a local. Traveling to and from your hotel can take up a lot of your expense on vacation. Public transport is the best means of transport when you’re in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re confident enough, carry a map along with you or ask the hotel concierge for directions and guidance. That way you can save money while getting to interact with locals and enjoy Puerto Vallarta the local way.

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