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Puerto Vallarta is a very pleasant and wonderful city and it is no wonder that many vacationers call Puerto Vallarta their home away from home. One reason Puerto Vallarta is so nice and pleasant is because it is so easy to get around the city and enjoy all the fun activities and sites along with the restaurants in Puerto Vallarta. Vacationers can get around the city for an affordable price.

Tips on Using taxis, buses and car rental in Puerto Vallarta:

Taxis a plenty

Vacationers will have absolutely no problem getting a taxi in Puerto Vallarta. When you are thinking you need to find a taxicab, then in an instant you will hear the horn honk from a taxicab. When leaving your hotel or vacation rental, using a taxicab is simple to do as you can ask the bellboys to call a taxicab for you and within minutes a taxicab will arrive. Vacationers should ask the bellboys what they normally pay for the taxi fare, because the taxis in Puerto Vallarta are not metered taxis and you will need to negotiate all taxicab fares. Make sure you know what the fare will be before you get into the taxicab.

Taxis in Federal Zones

Vacationers should know that if you take a taxicab from any federal zones, the price of the ride may be higher and federal zones include the airport and the Maritime Marina. Here is a great taxicab tip for Puerto Vallarta; white and cream colored taxicabs and vans cost more to ride in than the yellow taxicabs, and there is no Uber in Puerto Vallarta as yet.

Buses for an adventure

It’s hard to believe, but it is true that the local bus services are an easy way to travel around Puerto Vallarta as well as visit some places further away such as Sayulita, and as far as Punta Mita. Vacationers may have to get on a different bus several times along with not being in air conditioned while traveling on a bus, but bus travel is very affordable and easy to do. The Puerto Vallarta’s bus service generally cost around fifty cents or 7.5 pesos, but the bus will get you to A and B. The travel isn’t sophisticated or elegant, but affordable.

Generally, tourists only need to look out for the blue buses that say centro, which will take you through the hotel zone to downtown, on the way back, look for buses that clearly say Walmart, lxtapa, Airport or Marina Vallarta, and you can be sure they will pass your hotel. The Ixtapa bus takes vacationers to the Marina, the airport and long distance bus station, and the shopping malls. You will want to make sure that you do not get on the green buses, because the green busses will take you to Pitillal or the Los Mangos Library. Also, avoid buses that say Tunel as they will take you a longer route.

Most of the blue buses pass by Walmart where vacationers can get on another bus there if you are wanting to head to San Pancho, Bucerias, Sayulita, Nuevo Vallarta, and Punta Mita. Outside Walmart, there is usually an official from the bus companies directly people to the right bus.

Car Rental

Renting a car to get around Puerto Vallarta is a good option, because it provides comfort and convenience. Vacationers don’t have to worry about getting lost in Puerto Vallarta, because on one side is the ocean and the other side is the mountains. Most of the streets in Puerto Vallarta are one-way streets, so watch these streets as they are marked clearly. The main road in Puerto Vallarta is called Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascencio and on this road you need to make a left turn, then join the slip road where you will go when you see the green arrow. You don’t want to wait in the center of the road in this area.

Vacationers should rent the car while still at home because it is cheaper to do this then. If you decide to rent a car when you arrive at Garza Blanca Preserve, then the concierge can be asked to do this task for you. One good advice for car rentals in Puerto Vallarta is to always take out the full coverage insurance, because many drivers in Puerto Vallarta don’t carry any car insurance.

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