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It is nearly impossible for anyone that is visiting Puerto Vallarta, Mexico not to notice the spectacular and stunning landscapes, the breathtaking architecture, and the culture that is present in this sought out tourist location. Puerto Vallarta is an enchanting city that touches the Banderas Bay and the mountain range of the Sierra Madre Mountains. There are numerous sights located here, but one that stands out is the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe), which is one of the most loved. Each year there are so many admirers of the church that it has made it one of the most iconic and sought out structures in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta’s Church

Puerto Vallarta’s church towers over many of the other buildings in the city, and the crown on top of the church is a must see. Every year, thousands of tourists go to downtown Puerto Vallarta to look for culture, taking pictures of the church, which dominates the skyline. When the church is open tourists sit on the steps of the church, and embrace the aura that is heartwarming


Construction of the Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe first started in 1909, before Puerto Vallarta was popular as a vacation destination as it is today. In 1917, the church added the main pillars and walls, then several years later churchgoers added a main bell around the chapel. During the Cristero War in Mexico—where the Mexican government and church were at odds– development of the church came to a stop. By the end of the way in 1929 church was able to start construction again. The church wasn’t fully completed until 1952 and that is when the main tower was finally completed. Priest Rafael Parra Castillo and Jose Esteban Ramirez Guareno, an artist designed a crown that put the finishing touch on the church. This stunning crown can be adored and seen for many miles.

Several changes have been made to the church in the past decades, which have resulted in a beautiful church that has melted the hearts of thousands of visitors each year. Even though, the original crown was destroyed in 1995 by an earthquake that hit Colima, a neighboring state, a replica crown was sculpted and produced by Carlos Terres and is currently resting on top of the church today, so tourists can take as many photographs of a beautiful and breathtaking site.

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