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There’s so much to do in Puerto Vallarta that it can be a little confusing! Do you choose this tour, or that? Which is best for kids, couples, or groups of friends? Well, if you’re here it’s because you’ve decided to do some research, We can help you decide the best Puerto Vallarta tours for you and your family!

Best Puerto Vallarta Tours for Families

For those who want to keep younger kids entertained while still being able to relax and enjoy the tour itself, the Marigalante Pirate ship can come to the rescue in two ways – day and night tours. The Marigalante Day Tour is an all-inclusive Puerto Vallarta tour that welcomes all aboard for a voyage of discovery and fun! Set sail for adventure from Puerto Vallarta’s cruise port in the morning and have your lunch and drinks taken care of for you! This rope-swinging, all singing, skillfully dancing show is number one for many reasons.

At night you can also enjoy the Pirates of the Bay show aboard the Marigalante. This evening cruise includes your main meal, as well as drinks, along with great entertainment. Acrobatics, sword-fighting, adventure and betrayal all combine to make this the best evening show available to families. Certainly one of the best Puerto Vallarta tours in the evenings.

Best Puerto Vallarta Tours for Couples

Outdoorsy, nature-loving couples will find that there are many horseback riding tours available to them in Puerto Vallarta. In the vicinity there are quite a few ranches, whose horses are well cared for, which will let you take a riding tour in the Sierra Madre mountains with an experience guide.

True romantics, however, can go by boat to Caletas beach, once home to John Huston, with the Rhythms of the Night tour. This offers a candle-lit evening complete with dinner and entertainment.

Best Puerto Vallarta Tours for Friends

Fishing enthusiasts will find that there are many options for sport fishing days in Puerto Vallarta! You can charter a private boat, or even join with other fishermen and women for a day of sport fishing in some of the best waters the Pacific coast has to offer.

Of course, you could always take one of the many “Tequila Tours” on offer. A three and a half hour journey will take you to the town of Tequila, where the drink originates or you could visit one of the many wonderful distilleries, closer to hand, where you can find out about the production process of one of Mexico’s most iconic drinks.

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