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Puerto Vallarta is also known as PV or ‘Vallarta’. This spectacular beach city is on the Pacific Ocean west coast of Mexico and in Jalisco. If you are wondering where Puerto Vallarta is, then it is just south of San Blas and approximately 300 kilometers or 185 miles from the state capital, which is Guadalajara. Here are the coordinates of Puerto Vallarta 20° 37′ 0″ North, 105° 15′ 0, and surprisingly the same latitude as Hawaii.

Puerto Vallarta

PV was founded as a city in 1968, but was once called Las Penas as it was just a fishing village located on the Banderas Bay. Vallarta is located between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the cooling ocean and sandy beaches. PV was immediately noticeable when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (Hollywood Lovebirds) came here in the 60’s to shoot a film by John Huston. The couple showed their romance on the Puerto Vallarta cobblestone streets filming The Night of the Iguana.

What can you expect when you visit PV?

You can expect the best art galleries, churches, cafés, restaurants, bars, and adventure. Puerto Vallarta has the best 5 star hotels and this is a wonderful place for a vacation. The night comes alive when the sun goes down here. The boardwalk, which is recently new is over 1 mile in length and is on the coastline. When you take your vacation in PV you can sip on a margarita in one of our top restaurants and bars and enjoy watching the sun set over the ocean.

You can experience sunny warm weather is in Vallarta and Banderas Bay all year round. The cooler days occur in November thru April, and many people prefer the cooler weather over the hot weather that spurs up a rain storm, but the rain will only last a very short time and the plants and vegetation in Puerto Vallarta depend on this rain.

There is only one major airport in Puerto Vallarta with the airport code PVR and it serves many of the villages and towns on Bandera Bay, which include Sayulita, Puerto Vallarta, Punta Mita, and Nuevo Vallarta. There are direct flights from the United States, Europe, UK, and Canada that come to the major airport.

PV has become a popular destination for a vacation. PV has wonderful weather, sandy beaches, water activities, galleries, and the best nightlife. Can you see yourself walking on the cobbled streets of downtown or maybe having a margarita on the beach? If you take your vacation soon in Puerto Vallarta, then you can do this and much more.

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