What a hard decision to make: what is the best destination in Mexico? Like any preference, every individual will have their own idea of where the best destination in Mexico is, however, below you will find a list of a few fail-proof top beach destinations and discover how to choose the best destination in Mexico.

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Top Beach Vacation Destinations in Mexico

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to the best beach vacation options in Mexico and the list is endless.

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If you are looking for tips for a cheaper vacation in Puerto Vallarta then you have come to the right blog. No one wants to pay more than they need, and when it comes to vacations, there is even more reason to find the best hotel rates and flights so as to enjoy your vacation without fear of how much you will tot up on your credit card bill.… Read the rest

Imagine an idyllic beach hidden from the horizon, where only the birds and the airplanes can catch a glimpse of its turquoise waters lapping upon its sands. Image a place where you have to wade through the sea beneath a magical cave to arrive to its shores. Imagine Playa Escondida.


Playa Escondida or the Hidden Beach in Mexico as its would be called in English is one of the most exquisite attractions claimed by all the top destinations in and around Banderas Bay from Punta Mita to Puerto Vallarta.… Read the rest