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Mexico is a vibrant, sunny, diverse, and beautiful country where many people find a new outlook on life, but will your kids be safe? One of the dangers that a vacation to this country presents to your children is they may never look at the world the same way again.

Mexico vacations: Will your kids be safe?

It’s very likely that your kids will return from Mexico more curious, more cultured, and more interested in the natural world. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Read on to find out about the dangers that Mexico poses to your children.

  1. When your children make fast friends with some of the local kids it’s very likely that they will want to return again and again and again!
  2. In the beach destinations of Mexico water sports are everywhere; if you’re not careful your kids might turn in to fit and healthy water babies that want to participate in watersports at home!
  3. You might find that your Spanish skills are quickly outstripped; young kids pick up new languages with more ease than their older counterparts. You might find you have a bilingual child to deal with when things don’t go their way!
  4. If you take part in a turtle hatching event on vacation to Mexico, you might find that your children develop a love of conservatism and marine biology! What a horrific career choice for your kids; a growing scientific industry!
  5. The local Mexican markets offer the kind of diverse and fresh fair that simply cannot be found in the average supermarket. Once your kids are able to get candies, trinkets, fresh foods, piñatas, and hot street food all in one sitting the local supermarket will never be the same.
  6. When your kids are able to experience snorkelling and swimming in these diverse waters first hand you may find that they develop an unhealthy regard for the environment and the ecosystems which rely on it.
  7. The breath-taking beaches of Mexico may leave your kids craving for more and more beachside vacations; the coast can be addictive.
  8. If you find yourself in Mexico around about Día de los Muertos your kids might become so frightened of the skulls and skeletons that they want to bring some decorations home with them!
  9. When you’re in Mexico on vacation you’re sure to see and hear about the work of Frida Kahlo, and so, if you’re not careful, you could find you have budding artists on your hands when your kids learn about this revolutionary, creative powerhouse of a woman.
  10. Mexico is a vibrant nation which takes joy in many day to day aspects of life. Bright colors, music, and dancing are all more commonly found in the public spaces of Mexico. When you get home you might realise that your kids have become cultured individuals with a lust for life!

As you can see Mexico for vacations poses a real danger to the lives that your kids currently live; there’s a very real chance that they could come home with a whole new outlook on life.

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