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Mexican tacos are without a doubt one of the favorite foods that people love to eat in Mexico and around the world. With their simple ingredients, low price and variety of options, tacos are simply the best. You don’t even need a plate to eat this delicious food as the tortilla does all the work for you. Mexican street taco vendors are home to some of the tastiest and cheapest tacos around. You can choose from al pastor pork, carne asada beef, fish tacos, and so much more. There really is a taco that is perfect for everyone. Read below to learn more about 3 of the most delicious Mexican tacos, and we even include a simple recipe so you can make your own version at home.

    Carne Asada Tacos

    Carne asada tacos are beef tacos that are typically grilled and seasoned with spices such as salt, pepper and cumin. While delicious alone, you can spice things up with your toppings. Try some fresh onions and cilantro, or kick things up a notch with hot and spicy salsa. Want to make your taco extra dreamy? Request melted cheese on top for a comforting and tasty combination that is sure to please.

    Al Pastor Tacos

    Al pastor tacos are another classic Mexican taco that is a popular choice. Al pastor tacos are marinated and seasoned shredded pork served on a corn tortilla and are can be topped with onions, cilantro and juicy slices of fresh pineapple. This unique blend of savory and sweet is always a winning choice. Make your taco extra delicious by including fresh guacamole salsa on top for a cool and refreshing flavor surprise!

    Fish Tacos

    Originally from Baja California, fish tacos are now found all around Mexico and in the United States. You can select from grilled or battered depending on how healthy you want to be. Fish tacos are another super popular taco that has fans world wide. Common fish taco toppings include cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes and any sauces or salsas you desire. Squeeze some fresh lime juice on top for a tangy and vitamin packed punch!

Which of these 3 top tacos is your go to choice? Why don’t you prepare the below Fish Taco recipe at home whenever you are in the mood for a fresh, convenient and quick meal.

Simple Fish Taco Recipe:
  • Sautee chunks of fresh fish in a pan with a few teaspoons of olive oil – Yellowtail or Mahi Mahi are great choices. Add diced garlic if you choose.
  • Season the fish with salt, pepper and lime juice as desired.
  • Warm corn tortillas on a comal or skillet on medium heat and equally heat both sides for a few minutes by flipping the tortilla back and forth to avoid burning.
  • Toppings: Choose from a variety of fresh toppings such as cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, cilantro, or even carrots.
  • Try this homemade creamy chipotle sauce to complete your fish taco. Mix mayonnaise with a few canned chipotle peppers. This is a tasty and easy sauce that makes the perfect compliment for your fish taco. Finish by squeezing some fresh lime juice on top for added zing.

Are you ready to try out this easy fish taco recipe at home? Enjoy!

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