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Are you travelling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and itching to get out of the hustle and bustle of busy Cabo for the day? If so, consider checking out La Ventana, a super hip kitesurfer’s paradise just a few hours away from Cabo. Due to the area’s steady winds that peak during the months of November to March, La Ventana has grown in popularity with avid kite surfers who can’t wait to catch the next ride, without having to give up the peace and tranquility that the area providers. Did you know that kitesurfing is currently one of the fastest-growing water sports in the world? A quick trip to the beach to check out the kitesurfing men and women in action, and you may be signing up for classes yourself soon. Keep reading below to learn more about why La Ventana makes for a perfect day trip from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Day Trip from Cabo: La Ventana

Restaurants: Bagel Shop, Playa Central, Radorama, Tony’s La Ventana, Marlin Azul
Curious what are the best restaurants in La Ventana to eat at? If you find yourself arriving early to La Ventana, why not stop in the Bagel Shop to get a toasted bagel with cream cheese for breakfast? Even former bakers have commented how tasty the bagels are. They also serve great coffee and their fresh baked bread is amazing making it the perfect place to start your day trip from Cabo to La Ventana. In the mood to enjoy the gorgeous Sea of Cortez views along with your meal? If so, plan to stop for lunch at another of the best restaurants in La Ventana which is Playa Central where you can partake in people watching as you enjoy pizza and margaritas on their upstairs deck. Radorama is another one of the best restaurants in La Ventana to visit. Offering a blend of Mexican and Mediterranean fare, Radorama is a hidden gem situated in the backyard of the owner’s property. Visitors to Radorama have commented that each dish was delicious and beautifully presented, and the servers and hosts were friendly and welcoming. Have you had your share of tacos and burritos and in the mood for Italian food? If so, Tony’s La Ventana is the spot. A tidy kitchen and restaurant welcome you where you can enjoy tasty Italian cuisine as you sit under an inviting palapa. Their pasta and pizzas are delicious, and the ice-cold beers and margaritas make the perfect complement to your meal. Last but not least, seafood lovers have to make a stop at another of the best restaurants in La Ventana which is Marlin Azul. Marlin Azul offers seafood, Mexican and vegetarian options that will please everyone in your party. The venue is open and airy and ideal for families as well.
Day Trip from Cabo: Sightseeing in La Ventana
You can’t miss the incredible kitesurfers and windsurfers in action on the La Ventana beach when you take a day trip from Cabo. Head down with a picnic and set up shop for a few hours so you can take in the whole scene. Just make sure to be aware and stay out of the way when kitesurfers are launching or landing their kites as it can be quite dangerous if you find yourself inadvertently mixed up in their kite lines. Wondering where you can go to watch these sporty enthusiasts in action? At La Ventana, there are three main launching areas: Baja Joe’s is where the heart of the action is at La Ventana, the area in front of the Kitemasters kite school is another top location, and an area known as Hot Springs is a third popular spot as well. Enjoy the beautiful colors of the kites as they pass back and forth along the water, jumping and doing tricks that will mesmerize you. Interested in giving it a shot? There are classes and lessons available year-round where you can try this exciting sport out for yourself. There are several Kiteboarding Schools in and around La Ventana. Check online to set up an appointment, or simply drive through the main road and you are certain to see a few. While the water temperature at La Ventana is typically around 70 degrees all year long, full wetsuits are recommended, especially for beginners. The area is home to vibrant and abundant marine life that surrounds the area due to underwater topography and ocean currents. In the mood for fishing? You can find tons of fish in the region including golden grouper, marlin, sailfish, swordfish, and other game fish.

La Ventana is a great place to head if you are looking for a fun day trip from Cabo. We hope you enjoyed this article and our tips on the best restaurants in La Ventana, and let us know what your favorite part of your day trip from Cabo to La Ventana was in the comments below.

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