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It’s no surprise that Cabo San Lucas is a popular tourist destination mostly due to its beautiful Sea of Cortez waters, sandy white beaches, and desert landscapes. In fact, Cabo San Lucas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Mexico. However, did you also know that Cabo also has a lively Marina that visitors should include on there to see list? Cabo’s marina has evolved into an upscale marina with a comfortable, wide promenade that is ideal for an evening stroll. Whether you want to shop, grab a bite to eat or kick back a cocktail or two, you have found the right place. Is Cabo San Lucas on your travel radar this year? If so, keep reading below about why you should plan a visit to the Marina in Cabo San Lucas.

The History of the Cabo Marina

About 40 years ago, the Cabo San Lucas Marina was a quaint and quiet marina that was home to an old cannery and just a few charter fishing boats. However, as tourism expanded in the area, the marina also grew to meet the demand of visitors looking for great places to shop, eat and drink. Today, the Cabo San Lucas Marina has tons of great restaurants, luxury boutiques, casual shops and excellent bars and lounges. Looking for a relaxing spot to enjoy the evening sunset? The marina is perfect for that. Make sure you visit the Golden Zone shopping area which is especially popular with cruise ship travelers that are only in town for the day. Also, the Cultural Pavilion regularly hosts cultural events such as plays and dance performances so make sure you check the schedule to see if anything fun is going on during your visit.

Water Activities Galore

Today’s modern and contemporary Cabo marina is also the home base for many tour operators that specialize in water-based activities. Do you dream of swimming with dolphins? Check out Cabo Dolphins which is a well-known tour provider that offers the chance to swim with dolphin and dolphin encounters for guests of all ages. Are you ready to live on the edge and want to try out something even more adventurous? Cabo Expeditions is another tour company that has offices in the marina and available tours include parasailing, whale watching, scuba, snorkeling, water ski and even snuba tours which is a hybrid of snorkeling and scuba. If you are ready to get your feet wet, head to the Cabo marina and the possibilities are endless.

Restaurants and Bars

In coastal Mexican towns like Cabo, seafood is often the preferred menu choice for visitors. Thanks to the abundant marine life in the area, many restaurants in the Marina feature the catch of the day or you can even catch your own fish and they will prepare it for you. Lorenzillo’s is the most popular local lobster house as well as the newer Baja Lobster Company which has a growing clientele. A few other great seafood restaurants in the marina include Solomon’s Landing and Captain Tony’s. Are you in the mood to really relax and imbibe in some alcoholic beverages? Look no further as the marina also has several great bars and lounges to choose from. Order a nice glass of wine or a refreshing cerveza as you surround yourself with private yachts and excellent marina views. In a town with your girlfriends for a ladies getaway? Check out Nowhere Bar who offers popular Ladies’ Night promotions. Barometro is a hip, laid back lounge if you want a more relaxed atmosphere. Ready to check out the best wine in the region? Señor Sweets has a great wine selection to choose from including several local wines that have been recognized by top winemakers.

Shopping Options from Casual to Upscale

Are you a fashionista and ready to stock up on the latest designer fashions? You will be pleased to know that the Golden Zone is an upscale stretch of the boardwalk where you can find several luxury boutiques and designer shops tucked in between restaurants and bars. Next door is the Puerto Paraiso Mall and the Luxury Avenue boutique complex where you can find brands including Cartier, Fendi and other high-end designs. The center of the Cabo Marina is known as Puerto Paraiso with its distinctive tower that serves as a landmark for visitors trying to orient themselves in the marina.

Don’t miss the Cabo Marina with its world-class shopping, varied dining, and numerous water adventure opportunities. It is definitely a place to visit on your next trip to Cabo San Lucas!

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