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Are you planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta with your kids for the school vacations, but you also want your “me” time and want to know what you can do to entertain kids in Puerto Vallarta? Have no fear, because bringing kids to Puerto Vallarta during the school vacations has plenty of activities for fussy toddler to teenagers who are just hard to please.

Tips of activities for your trip to Puerto Vallarta during the school vacations

Las Animas Hiking

While visiting Puerto Vallarta during the school vacations, grab the kids and take a taxi, a bus, or you can drive along the South Shore Highway, which is only thirty minutes from beautiful Downtown Puerto Vallarta to Boca de Tomatlan. Once you arrive, then you will want to go to the South Side where the river is to a path that goes along the coast. Sometimes it may be difficult to see the path, and if this happens, then you can ask one of the locals and they will show you where the path is. The Boca coastal path to Las Animas is a peaceful and pleasant hike where you and your children can see the birds chirping, hidden beaches, beautiful tropical plants, and the small river is there too. The Las Animas hike is wonderful for children who are five years and older. At this age, they will enjoy all the natural wildlife and beauty that is present.

Las Animas

Arriving to Las Animas you will see the magic occur and you can get to Las Animas by taking the coastal path or taking a water taxi from the Los Muertos Beach pier or Boca de Tomatlan. When you arrive to Las Animas you can go on a tour, and many are available. Las Animas has a wonderful beach, and what child doesn’t love the beach? The children can jump off the pier at Las Animas or snorkel in the water, or feed the fish from the pier. There are other children arriving from the water taxis, so your children can make friends with the other children arriving too. Parents can also take their children to the waterfall, which is at the southern end of the Las Animas Beach. At the end of the day you can take your children to one of the many restaurants that are located on the beachfront to relax a little during the school vacations.

El Rio BBQ

A wonderful hidden jewel is the El Rio BBQ, and this is the perfect destination for parents looking to keep their children happy on a “What can we do?” day. The El Rio BBQ is located on a bumpy road off of the highway Libramiento in Puerto Vallarta, which is only about ten minutes from downtown. The menu at El Rio BBQ includes ribs and chicken amongst other simple dishes. The children love the fries and the watermelon jicama salad, but the live music is what children enjoy, because they like to dance on the wooden stage there. One of the favorite things for children is the river that is below the establishment. Children of every age go down and make sandcastles, swim and wade in the river, watch the tiny tadpoles, or dive off the rope into the El Rio Cuale River and parents get a break and enjoy a delicious drink watching from above.

Rio Cuale

In the heart of downtown Puerto Vallarta is Rio Cuale, and is a place that is often overlooked. The Rio Cuale was designated as a kid’s area in the seventies as the Isla is actually a piece of land that was formed by the River Cuale naturally. You can access the Rio Cuale by going on the two hanging bridges which children love walking. While you are walking to the Rio Cuale you will see the stature of John Huston and the cultural center, but there are many kitty cats roaming about. Children love petting the kitty cats who are fed by the residents and the kitty cats love when they are cuddled and petted.


This is a popular activity for local children during the school vacations. Giving back and showing children they are fortunate is very important. While you are in Puerto Vallarta, there are many organizations that is in need of assistance. The Corazon de Nina home for children, the Purr Project, the Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Orphanage, and the DIF, which is an home for senior citizens that offer an adopt program for a grandparent. Each of these charities is in need of donations, and how better can you should your children how fortunate they are, but by giving to one of these charities. You can have your children bring supplies for the animals, or any toys or clothing that your child has outgrown can be donated too.

If you have any tips for how to survive the school vacations in Puerto Vallarta, add them to the comments box!

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