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Soon it will be September and summer will seem like a distant dream: The kids go back to school, college starts up again, deadlines arrive. But before we start thinking about fall, what about a last minute getaway to celebrate the end of summer in Puerto Vallarta.

Summer in Puerto Vallarta has particular advantages, especially the end of summer when Mexican schools have gone back to classes around mid August and the North American terms don’t start again until September. Summer in Puerto Vallarta can find you some of the cheapest deals, not only in terms of hotels but also in activities and even flights. Plus, if your college summer vacation extends into September, then this is the best time to get a cheap deal in Puerto Vallarta, as September is called the month of hunger (septi-hambre) for locals, as business is at its lowest along with hotel tariffs and taxi fares!

Apart from saving money, the end of summer in Puerto Vallarta has other advantages. Firstly, the rainy season that starts in June generally falls into a pleasant pattern by the end of summer, with short heavy downpours which you can see coming an hour or so before and tend to occur late afternoon during your siesta time after a day at the beach and before going out in the evening. The advantage of the rainy season is that the rivers and waterfalls are full, making for some magical adventures in Puerto Vallarta. Another fringe benefit is that the jungle is verdant green, offering a stunning backdrop to your vacations.

Sunset - The End of Summer in Puerto Vallarta

Furthermore, by the end of summer in Puerto Vallarta, the water temperature is delicious. Divers and snorkelers will delight at not having to wear a wetsuit, being able to enjoy a long time underwater in warm temperatures. There are a number of dive companies that offer diving courses during this time to take advantage of the pleasant temperature.

And, it that weren’t enough, the baby turtle high season descends Puerto Vallarta during summer. From July through December it is very common to see turtles arrive to lay eggs on Puerto Vallarta’s beaches as well as see the release of baby turtles. By the end of summer in Puerto Vallarta, the beaches are visited regularly by female turtles.

So, why not rethink your vacation strategy and visit Puerto Vallarta before the summer ends.

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