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Summer is upon us, and while there are still some people that are required to stay at home, have you made up your mind that you are ready for a Mexico vacation? The COVID-19 epidemic is very fresh on everyone’s mind as it significantly affected people’s lives across the globe. Currently, in Mexico, resorts, restaurants, and stores have updated their health and safety standards, so vacationers will have a place that is safe to visit. Have you been wondering where you will take your first vacation? Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a very popular vacation destination that is located just on the southern edge of Baja, California Sur. Cabo San Lucas is well known for its beautiful beaches, excellent climate, and stunning desert landscapes. Read more below to learn more information about Cabo San Lucas Marina, a great place to visit on your next vacation to Mexico. 

Cabo San Lucas Marina: What to Do

In Cabo San Lucas, you will find numerous exciting activities to partake in. Many vacationers simply enjoy laying on the soft white sandy beaches under the sun. Other vacationers that stay at an all-inclusive resort such as the Villa Group Resorts prefer to not even leave the resort. However, if you decide to get out and about, then you should go visit the Cabo San Lucas Marina. The Cabo San Lucas Marina used to be a quiet marina and cannery with just several fishing boats 40 years ago. Once tourism started growing in Cabo, development in the marina increased as well so that visitors would have more shopping and dining options. Today, the Cabo San Lucas Marina has many different restaurants, shops and boutiques, and bars. It is also the perfect place to watch the sunset while sipping a cold cocktail. The Cultural Pavilion is close to the marina if you are interested in the rich heritage of Mexico. You can enjoy live plays and spirited folkloric dancing there, too. 

Favorite Outdoor Activities in Cabo San Lucas

When you are vacationing in Mexico, do you prefer being outdoors breathing in the fresh air? The climate is perfect at any time of the year in Cabo, which is why outdoor activities are very popular. Likewise, if you would like to try water sports, there are many options, which include Cabo Dolphins, a tour provider that takes vacationers out to swim with the dolphins. In addition, Cabo Expeditions offers adventurous tours like whale watching, scuba and snorkeling, parasailing, ziplining, and snuba too. What is snuba? It’s a mixture of scuba diving and snorkeling, which is a fantastic and unique experience that you will treasure forever. 

Cabo San Lucas Marina Shopping

The Cabo San Lucas Marina is an excellent location for shopping and dining. You will be able to satisfy whatever food craving you are having at the marina. If shopping is a number one priority for you on your Mexico vacation, then you will love the shopping options at the marina. The shops include both high-end designer clothes and handicrafts made locally. If you prefer the latest styles, then the Golden Zone on the boardwalk is where you can find luxurious boutiques and shops. The Luxury Avenue Boutique has some of the top brands such as Fendi and Cartier. You should also walk over to a local landmark in Cabo, which is the Puerto Paraiso, which is a well-known tower in the city. 

If you will be vacationing in Mexico in the near future, you will want to make sure you visit the Cabo San Lucas Marina. You can enjoy shopping, dining, and plenty of outdoor activities. If you would like an amazing travel package deal to Cabo San Lucas, then you should contact My Vacation to Mexico (1-800-607-7499). They are a reputable online travel agency that works exclusively with top resorts such as the Villa Group Resorts. My Vacation to Mexico at 1-800-607-7499 has travel specialists waiting to help you plan your dream getaway to Mexico and stay on budget. Don’t hesitate and call My Vacation to Mexico today!

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