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Cabo San Lucas is right on track for the next winter peak season and looking better than before. Visitors have been returning to Cabo San Lucas for many weeks now after Hurricane Odile left the Baja California with a heavy clean-up operation.

Cabo San Lucas after Hurricane Odile

For those who have been on vacation in Cabo San Lucas after Hurricane Odile passed in September, it is clear that Cabo is one of those amazing beach destinations that bounce right back. As soon as the airport re-opened after only a couple of weeks, Mexico’s favorite beach destination was back on its feet again. Despite vacationers’ apprehensions, Cabo is returning to normal in record time. Almost no signs of Hurricane Odile remain.

Cabo San Lucas Prepared for Hurricane Force Winds

Part of the reason that Cabo’s recovery in the tourist areas has been so quick is thanks to the modern infrastructure employed by the larger hotels in the area. The hotel zone is built to sustain strong hurricane force winds and many structural and engineering precautions are in place. While it is true that you can never underestimate the forces of nature, Cabo San Lucas’ hotels have taken care to implement recommendations in the case of hurricanes and tsunami type events.

Cabo Today

Today, Cabo San Lucas looks very much as it did before, perhaps a little cleaner and shiner thanks to the clean-up operation that ensued directly following Hurricane Odile’s passing. Many hotels, bars and shops took advantage of the quiet time in the immediate wake of the hurricane to make renovations and improvements – now Cabo is even better than it was before.

So, now’s the time to book your Cabo San Lucas vacations while prices are low yet the destination is already sparking and shining back on its feet.

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