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Are you going to be staying at the world-class Villa del Palmar Beach Resort & Spa at the Islands of Loreto on your next vacation? If you are, then you will have the chance to enjoy a paradise vacation and restore your overall health and well-being with the Balancing Treatment at the best spa in Loreto, the Sabila Spa.

Guests are invited to take advantage of the spa treatments at the best wellness facility in Loreto. The Villa del Palmar Timeshare Resort at the islands of Loréto features the Sabila Spa, which allows guests to be pampered the way that they deserve.

Best Spa in Loreto

The Sabila Spa has a variety of Balancing Treatments, but the one that is most asked for is the Shiatsu, which if you have one, then you will see why. The Shiatsu is a fifty minute long treatment that uses a series of acupressure and rhythmic motions. This treatment is known to reduce tension and stress while improving the circulation in the body and increasing the energy flow. This treatment is great for hardworking people that need to have all the stress released from their body.

The Reiki and Lomi Lomi are two other popular Balancing Treatments provided at the Sabila Spa in Loreto. A Hawaiian massage is what the Lomi Lomi treatment is based upon. The Lomi Lomi uses the Hawaiian massages to send soothing, but yet invigorating waves all through the body, and this treatment feels wonderful and is a relaxing time. A Japanese technique is what the Reiki treatment is based upon. It is a fifty minute treatment that promotes good health for the mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you just want to do one or maybe all the treatments at the spa, then you can take advantage of that while you are on vacation at the Villa del Palmar Resort at the Islands of Loreto. Each one of the Balancing Treatments at the Sabila Spa are always performed in a private state of the art therapy suite, so you will have your treatment in privacy and in comfort. All the treatments are performed by professional and qualified therapists. The Sabila Spa is the perfect place to release all stress and feel great. The best spa in Loreto.

This no.1 spa in Loreto has been named for several different winning awards, which include from the Vacation Idea, “Most Fascinating Spas in the World”, and SpaFinders named the spa as, “Best Spas in Mexico”. The resort and spa offers a wonderful vacation and a change to be pampered and catered to.

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